How To Recognize a Cancer?


Cancer is a sign ruled by the Moon, that is why its character is quite “lunatic”. It is quite easy to recognize it. Your mood swings can change every five minutes, and it’s not an exaggeration. The crab can be the funniest person in the place at any given time. He loves jokes and has a grace above the usual. He can make you laugh non-stop and be the life of the party when he brings out his wits. In general, it is quite fun, when you want.

This being the case, where is the problem? Well, your problem appears when, instead of waking up being such a witty being, your day is crooked. When this happens, it is capable of dragging anyone to the depths. Everything will be negative, and everything is everything.

Cancer is a dreamer and believes that he is capable of achieving everything, and he is very right, but sometimes, his inner fear makes him not advance towards his goals, leaving them aside on many occasions. That is why he gets frustrated. It’s like “I want to and I can’t.” You have to learn to control your emotions and know that you can do it. It is a matter of patience and perseverance.

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When the crab cries, rest assured that its tears are not crocodile tears. It is a sign that apparently may seem invulnerable and compact, but it is just that it hides behind that hard shell that protects it. He is sensitive and feels everything that happens around him.

Another characteristic state of mind of Cancer is its bad mood. That’s how it is. The best thing about this is that it is temporary. He may seem angry with you but in reality, he is angry with the world in general and with himself. The best thing about this is that it goes away quickly, thanks to his sudden changes, and neither the anger nor the joys last long. He lives in constant ups and downs and, despite complaining about it, deep down, he is happy.

Why is Cancer a good sign?

• Is loving to the fullest, offers love, and loves to receive it.

• He is charitable, he is moved by any kind of injustice and people with inferior resources.

• His memory is excellent, sometimes, this makes him not forget the bad but at the same time, he remembers the good forever.

• Has an overflowing imagination so is always offering fresh and new ideas to do.

• He is sensitive and cares about everything around him and the people he loves.

• Likes to make others laugh, has a great sense of humor, and knows how to laugh at himself.

• The best counselor par excellence, even if his advice is not applied to your life on many occasions

• Protects the people they love, what’s more, sometimes it overprotects them, they can’t help it.

Being Cancer may not be easy but at the end of the day, it has a lot to be worth.

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