How to Recognize a Aquarius?


Aquarius is always analyzing people, things, inquiring, if maybe he grabs this cable and puts it together with this other, what will happen? Yes, that’s Aquarius. People of this sign are tolerant but also have very extreme principles. The difference with other signs is that Aquarius, respects the opinions of others, even if you do not share them. How to recognize Aquarius:

If you ask him for advice he will answer you frankly but do not expect him to try to change your opinion or your way of seeing things. They have too much to clarify in their life to convince the rest of what they have to do. Aquarius is clear that people are the way they are, and that it is impossible to change them and ends up adapting to how they are without getting too involved. Everyone walks at their own pace and along the path they choose. Accept the individuality of people.

If you know an Aquarius, you will realize that they have a gift for calming people agitated or disturbed by something. He will talk to you relaxed and you will finally realize that, perhaps, the problem is not as big as you thought.

It is very strange for an Aquarius to be prejudiced about someone or something.

When he asks to be alone, it is because he really wants to be alone. This sign has a clear motto in your life, write it down: “Live and let live”

Why is Aquarius a good sign?

He knows how to listen, although his mind is often on Mars, Aquarius will pay as much attention as he can.

He is honest and loyal, there are values that are incapable of changing and that are part of his life.

He has originality above the rest, his ideas are brilliant.

He is independent, does not seek burdens in his life nor does he pretend to be anyone’s burden.

It does not tolerate injustices. It makes you sick when you see that someone stronger despises the weaker or intolerant people.

He knows how to see both sides of the coin, he has a great breadth of criteria, his mind does not close.

He can sometimes be carried away by the heart but most of the time his head is the one that commands and decides.

Respect for them is above all things.

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