Learn How To Read And Understand Your Birth Chart

Learn How To Read And Understand Your Birth Chart

Used as an essential tool for guidance and self-knowledge, the birth chart is based on the day, month, year, place, and time of birth.

The drawing depicted on the birth chart showed the correct position of the stars and the zodiac signs concerning Earth when you were born. The position of the stars at the moment we are born influences our personality traits and other essential characteristics of our behavior. The positioning of the stars and signs can identify traits of our personality, affinities, abilities, trends, fears, in short, strong and influential characteristics of our way of being.

How is the birth chart drawn up?

To prepare a birth chart, the astrologer must gather the main information about the person’s birth. Information regarding the day, month, year, and time of birth is collected. The data must be accurate. Only then will the astrologer be able to develop a complete and accurate map.

The birth chart is something unique, and there is only one birth chart for a person’s entire existence. All the information and features presented on the map are something that the person will carry throughout his life.

What to identify on the birth chart?

Over the years, interpretations related to the birth chart have become more and more accurate. He can positively assist in his personal, loving, and professional life.

In the development of the birth chart, the zodiac sign and the position of the planets concerning the Earth are taken into account. The predictions made through signs are those capable of identifying traits and characteristics of each person’s personality. The positioning of the planets is responsible for interpretations related to possible affinities, abilities, relationships, and other events.

How to read your birth chart

The picture of the birth chart is very similar to a pie chart. The map has the representation of 12 different astrological houses. Each of these houses is related to a zodiac sign representing a particular area of each person’s life.

On your birth chart, you will also be able to identify the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and Middle of the Sky positions.

The position of the Sun identifies the sign of the zodiac to which we belong. He can be identified concerning the month of birth.

The position of the Moon in your birth chart is responsible for presenting characteristics about your lunar sign. This information is discovered on the birth chart from each person’s day of birth.

The Ascendant identifies how we express ourselves. The information contained in the birth chart related to it can define expressive traits of our personality and our behavior in relationships. In the birth chart, the Ascendant can present unique and very characteristic information for each person.

But the Midheaven, also known as the tenth house, is responsible for identifying and talking about our talents and abilities.

Each astrological house points to a specific area of our lives.

Know better what to identify in each house

  • 1st House: refers to the self, the intimacy, and identity of each person.
  • 2nd House: how each person organizes his financial life and his relationship with money and material goods.
  • 3rd House: the relationship that each being maintains with other people. It highlights characteristics related to learning and flexibility concerning the opinion of third parties.
  • 4th House: your historical luggage will be present here. Information on ancestry and close and distant family relationships.
  • 5th House: presents information about each person’s creative vein. Here it is possible to identify possible passions and skills.
  • 6th House: brings information about work and health. In this area, we can relate important information about the quality of life of each individual.
  • 7th House:  this is a house that attracts a lot of interest from the majority. It presents information about the relationship between two, the married life of each person. We can identify traces of the affective and erotic life of each one.
  • 8th House: brings information about experiences, losses, and profound changes suffered so far or can be faced in the future.
  • 9th House: great trips and achievements that must be made during the life of each person.
  • 10th House: this is another trendy house. Vocational information is present in it. We can identify essential characteristics about career, plans, expectations, and professional achievements.
  • 11th House: this house brings a social dimension to the birth chart. It presents the social characteristics and behaviors that each person has concerning friends and socializing.
  • 12th House: the last house identifies the interior of each person. In it, we find information about the spirituality and belief of each one.

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