How to know if you are in a healthy relationship according to your sign?


It is one thing to fall in love or be attracted to someone, and quite another to want to establish a serious relationship. If you have any doubts about the intentions of the person you are meeting and you want to know how each sign acts when it feels ready to be with you, don’t miss this article ...


Aries often acts on impulse, less when it comes to forming a relationship, in those moments it will give enough thought to know that it is making the right decision. When someone really likes him, it is not that it takes too long to formalize the relationship, however, what really gives him away is when he introduces you to his family, as soon as he does, you will know that he will go all out with you ...


Taurus is somewhat cautious at first, at least until it is clear that the person he likes has the same or similar principles. Becoming confident is another of the things you need to give yourself completely, but if the bull of the zodiac sends you messages every day without fail, it is because he is sure he wants to be with you. When this sign is clear about what it wants, it does not go around with little girls, it cares for and pampers the person it loves to be able to be for the rest of its life.


Although due to their open mind and spontaneity it may seem otherwise, Geminis are very reserved with their private life. When he likes someone, it is not that he hides at all, and he may even quickly involve you among his friends, however, the detail that will let you know that he is in a serious relationship with you will be when he publishes photos of you on his social networks, well showing yourself to the world is the definitive step to do so ... Be careful!


Cancer takes his time to see if he is with the right person and until he feels the necessary confidence for him or for her, he will not show himself as he truly is. Now, once this happens, he will let you know clearly how he feels about you, what’s more, he may declare himself and even tell you to label or formalize the relationship. Cancer does not like nonsense, if she falls in love or it’s all or nothing ...


If you want to know if Leo is in a serious relationship with you, you just have to see to what extent he relaxes, although he is very spontaneous, he controls his emotions and sensitivity to perfection. This sign does not open with anyone, but when he falls in love and trusts then it is an open book, he can even get excited by your side. When Leo shows all of himself he will be down to the bones of love for you ...


Virgo will not have physical contact with the person he likes unless in an impulse where there is only attraction he gets carried away. If the thing is serious, he will be able to respect you until he knows you in depth. For Virgo, things in the palace go slowly, they have many walls to break down to be able to give themselves completely, but once they do, they are an excellent couple always ready to help and please their love.


At first, when you meet Libra you will see that he always has talk to give, he wants to know everything about you and offer you pleasant and fun moments. However, only when this sign is able to sit next to you in comfortable silence is it ready for a serious relationship. To be with someone and go for it all, Libra needs to feel relaxed, to be him or her in all his essence, and that is something that you will notice in a matter of a reasonable amount of time because in the end, he will not let anyone who is so interested escape.


Scorpio will not label the type of relationship he maintains with you until he is clear about a few things, the first that you trust and the second that you agree with his way of perceiving life and relationships. Only when that time comes is he able to delete all of his dating apps or even delete people who already had an interest in him or her. It is very simple, Scorpio will consider himself single until all his doubts are verified, do not worry that one way or another he will let you know ...


If Sagittarius has not told you about their traumas, it is because they have not yet been involved in a serious relationship with you. We all have our fears and insecurities, what happens is that not all of us show it at the first change, much less Sagittarius. When he meets someone he likes, he does not show this kind of thing lightly, and only when he is able does he consider the possibility of a serious relationship, if you listen and understand he will go all out with you.


With Capricorn you will quickly know his intentions because, although it is difficult for him to show everything of himself, if he falls in love, he will not miss the opportunity. Capri is all or nothing, so if you see that he spends important dates with you and his free time in general, it is because he is willing or willing to do anything. The zodiac goat does not beat around the bush, it is very transparent and in case you have any doubts its facts will speak for themselves ...


It is normal that you do not know for sure if Aquarius is with you in a serious relationship because this sign finds it difficult to determine these kinds of things, however, there is something that gives it away and that is when it talks about the future. If Aquarius truly falls in love, he will make long-term plans with you and, even if he does not say verbally that he wants a serious relationship, you will see him looking for things to do together. If you need confirmation, it is best to talk to him or her, they will be totally sincere in their response.


Pisces is seen coming, neither wants nor can they hide their deepest feelings, so if they really love you they will let you know in different ways. Now, if you haven’t done it yet and it seems too early, just look at how it works. If Pisces is up to the bar for you, he will show you in a thousand ways, one of them introducing you to his group of friends, when this sign falls in love he wants to show you proud or proud before the world, this does not fail, if he does it, it is that he goes with you for all.

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