How to know if he loves you according to his sign?


There are times when it is difficult to know if a person loves you or not, especially in those signs of the Zodiac that find it more difficult to express themselves in words. Understanding a man can be very difficult, it can become a difficult mystery to solve. Many times you ask yourself questions and you would really like to know if he feels the same as you or not. At first it starts out as something you just want to know out of curiosity and then it becomes something important. Read on to find out if he loves you ...


The Aries boy is someone who is confident and courageous. He is not afraid of anything and will have no problem telling you if he loves you or if he likes you. Knowing it will be easy and you will not have to make a lot of effort. Aries doesn’t fool around. He loves flirting and may send you a hint or another, but from the beginning he will make it very clear to you what his intentions are. When he likes someone, the Aries boy is pure expressiveness, he cannot hide what he feels and less when it is something good, when it is something so special. Aries is very impatient and cannot keep to himself what he feels for someone. You need to shout it out to the world, you need to be clear and make your intentions very clear.


With the Taurus boy things go much slower, for everything. You have to know that he is not going to fall in love with you overnight and that the road to reach his heart is long and difficult. Taurus will take time to get to know you. To know if he really loves you or has feelings for you, you have to pay a lot of attention to small details. For example, if he responds quickly to your messages, if he gets very close to you when you are with more people, if he has broken the barrier of physical contact with you. It is in those details where you will realize if he loves you or not. But you will really know that he loves you 100% if he cares a lot about you, to know you, to know more about you. At first you will have to know how to read between the lines, but later you will see everything much clearer.


With Gemini’s it is difficult to know if he loves you because he is already a very loving, kind and funny person with people who he likes minimally. You will first have to try to differentiate between general affection and romantic interest. You will find that he loves you if he really gets nervous around you, if he takes time out of his busy social life to be with you. The Gemini boy is someone super fun, and if he spends his time to make you happy, it is because he is serious. But look, the best way to know if he loves you is bringing it up. There is nothing the Gemini boy likes more than being serious. He may be very nervous at first, but then everything will flow and you will end up knowing the truth.


The Cancer boy is usually a very emotional and sensitive person and when he falls in love he is even more so. What happens is that he is usually a nice and kind person with everyone and you, you will have to know how to read beyond that kindness. In love matters, the Cancer boy can be very shy and needs to be sure to launch himself to tell you that he loves you. You will know it by how he treats you on a day-to-day basis. If little by little he begins to tell you his problems, his fears, his doubts. If he throws himself talking to you until the early hours of the morning. If he shares with you what he likes the most, it is because he really loves you. If he is not afraid to bring out his fears when he is with you, it is because he loves you.


Leo goes straight and sincere through life, but then when he falls in love, he can become the opposite. When the Leo boy begins to feel something for someone, shyness becomes the protagonist of his life. You will have many doubts about whether he loves you or not. Because there are times when it is clear to you, but the next day it disappears and completely changes the course of your relationship. The Leo boy will take time to confirm his feelings and to make it clear to you what he feels. You have to be very patient, if you really know how to wait, it will be easy to know if he loves you. It is very indirect, it is very flirtatious without you even realizing it and you have to be more agile than ever. The best thing to know if he loves you is to give him his time and, above all, to let him be the one who looks for you sometimes.


When Virgo likes someone, he is a person who pays a lot of attention to every detail. To know if the Virgo boy loves you, you will realize because he remembers everything about you and because every day he worries about knowing you even more. It is a very introverted sign, too much at times and it will not be easy to know if it loves you. But to find out easily, pay attention to what it says. With Virgo, it’s the little details that count. See if he remembers that story you told him a long time ago, if he knows what your favorite hobbies are, if he remembers the name of the person who broke your heart so much. He may not be the best at physically showing his feelings, but this kind of attention shows that he really loves you.


With Libra nothing is what it seems. He will take his time to let go of his feelings. With it, it will be very difficult for you to draw conclusions on your own. Libra is nice to everyone, has conversation to give and give and you may think that he treats you like someone else. But a trick to know if he really loves you is to look at how he is with you. If with you he is a much more shy, quieter, more introverted person, it is because he really loves you. But still, you will realize that he is contradictory, because he wants to spend time with you, but on the other hand, he is still shy. Well that’s part of the charm of Libra. To know if he loves you, you will have to get a master’s degree in feelings.


If the Scorpio boy is interested in you, you will realize it before you know it. At first, you may think that he is a super reserved person, very dark and with many secrets. It may be hard for you to fully connect with him, but little by little you will get the hang of it. Scorpio is a very passionate sign and there is nothing that makes you feel freer than expressing your feelings, than bringing to light all that you carry inside. Be careful, he will not do it with just anyone, because he is passionate but he is also reserved. If you start to see how he begins to open up with you, he begins to tell you hidden secrets, it is because he really loves you. And if the Scorpio boy loves you, get ready to live a real adventure.


The Sagittarius guy is very clear with his words and it won’t be difficult whether he really loves you or not. He is not going to waste his time with hidden and confusing signals, nor does he want to waste your time ... If he likes you, you will know it. But if he loves you, he will take his time to let you know. It costs him a lot to commit, he doesn’t do it with just anyone and if he really feels things for you, he will think about committing. To know if the Sagittarius boy loves you, you have to look at the idea of the future he has with you. If he suddenly starts talking about the future with you, if he includes you in his plans, if he is counting on you, it is because he loves you and not exactly a little. That Sagittarius forms their future with another person means a lot ...


The Capricorn boy is not going to expose his feelings just like that. He will take his time to make sure he really has feelings for you, which can be a very long wait. Meanwhile, you will have to guess or try to guess if he really loves you. There are many signs to look out for. If he cares a lot about you, level that he wants to know everything about you, you can start to think that he really has feelings for you. When he likes someone, he wants to know everything about that person, even knowing the smallest detail of your life and the people around you. In addition, you will know that he loves you if with you he is able to skip the plan he already had in place. That for Capricorn is true love.


When the Aquarius boy likes someone, he takes the topic of conquest very seriously. Although you think it is a very cold sign, when love enters your life, you take things very differently. If he loves you, he will use all his intellect to try to impress you and to win you over. If suddenly, what you like begins to attract his attention, if he begins to try to be interested in your things, it is because he likes you a lot. He will seldom express it in words, because Aquarius has a hard time expressing his feelings. But if he loves you, with the Aquarius boy it’s easy to tell. He may not talk much about himself, for fear of what you might think, but deep down, he is wanting to do so.


With Pisces, knowing if he loves you is complicated. Although it is a very romantic sign, very sensitive and connected with his emotions, he rarely talks about what is happening inside him. To talk about it, Pisces takes its time. But if he loves you, if he likes you, prepare to feel observed, to have his full attention. When Pisces likes someone, he can’t take his eyes off that person. Through that intense and dreamy look, you will be able to know if he really loves you or not. Pisces is very shy and finds it difficult to express what he feels. But he is not stupid and he knows where and when to leave little clues so that you know the one that is coming your way.

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