How to Keep The Child in You Alive According to Zodiac Sign?


Childhood is undoubtedly a symbol of innocence, purity, and vitality. Who would not want to go back to that moment when almost everything was laughter and love? As José Saramago said, when we lose our curiosity we stop being children and that is why we all in a certain way long for that stage of our life. Old age is nothing more than the physical reflection of our age, however, preserving the inner child that is within us is a matter of attitude. Next, we are going to see the child in you according to your sign.


Aries, you of course mature and evolve over the years, but there are certain moments when you transport yourself to your earliest childhood. Listening to music from when you were younger or reading one of your favorite books will make you feel like when you were a child because your most romantic and tender part will emerge. Life and your experiences have made you stronger and stronger, but that does not mean that you are not vulnerable in the face of certain things. Remembering from time to time who you have always been will not hurt Aries.


Taurus you are like a teddy bear, cuddly, soft, and confident. Those who know you well know that you have the child in you very much in mind and that you keep it like no other sign. In your house, you most likely have some things saved from your childhood, or else some object or toy that reminds you. You don’t want to forget this part of your life because when you feel most lost it helps you to find yourself again. You mature with the Taurus years, but you don’t want to stop being who you were ...


Although you like to go out from time to time to dinner around that Gourmet part of yours, Geminis, the truth is that you enjoy it more when you do things for young children. You have a great time when you are in a trampoline park, in a bowling alley, or on a miniature golf course, you were quite an active child, and doing these types of activities will get your adrenaline pumping. Although you are very responsible for your things, you retain a childish side that you like very much, you are full or full of energy and that shows Gemini.


Cancer if you are not yet, you will be a father or mother ten. You like children, you know how to put yourself in their place because inside you there will always be that tender and innocent part that you had since you were a child. You will love to lie on the sofa to watch cartoons with your children, you feel comforted and you connect with your childhood, the one you always remember with so much affection. If you weren’t able to keep this very personal part, the world wouldn’t seem so beautiful to you Cancer ...


Leo, no matter how old you are, you will love being a child again from time to time. Probably when you go to the beach you will want to throw some sand balls to your friends to laugh or sink them underwater. From a very young age, you were already a sensitive and profound being who asked yourself many questions. However, what you long for from that stage of your Leo life are moments of uncontrollable laughter and your desire to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Every time you have the opportunity, you will go back to being the child you were, because only then will you know how to have fun ...


It may appear that you are not Virgo, but you get along better with children than with people your age. You were always very adult and responsible for everything, but like every child, you enjoyed your childhood and those things that you liked to do. At parties, you prefer to run with the little ones than have long and monotonous talks with the older ones. Of course, you know your place at all times, but if you can slip away you will Virgo.


Libra may keep some of the toys and stuffed animals that you had in your child’s room because they remind you of the sweetest part of your childhood. There are people who get rid of these things over the years, but it costs you a lot because it would be like killing a very important part of your life. You are aware of your age and you know that you have to age physically speaking because you want to keep your head as young as possible.


Scorpios, not everyone who knows you knows that you love board games, puzzles, and crafts. Whether you are making bracelets, painting a picture, or whatever comes to mind, you will be and feel happy. Doing this reminds you of your childhood, of that creative part that you could easily develop. Although you may have many responsibilities over yourself, whenever you have the opportunity, you will take a little time to create what you are passionate about Scorpio.


Sagittarius connecting with your family is connecting with your earliest childhood. You were a precocious child who wanted to discover the world and everything that inhabited it. Of course, you did all this accompanied by yours, your parents, siblings, cousins, and other families. Every time you talk to one of them, lived moments come to mind, then you remember who you are, where you come from, and what you need to be happy. Bringing out the inner child in you helps you make the best decisions ...


Capri, not everyone who knows you know about your playful side because you don’t show it to everyone either. However, with your trusted people and in an open space such as the field, the beach or the snow, you will love to play with them. As a child, there were places that made you bring out this part of yourself that you enjoy so much. Now when you grow up the same thing happens to you, when you least expect it and you are at ease, the child that is inside you is very well guarded flows.


Aquarius now when you are older you will not mind watching the odd movie for children either, that fantasy they have and the way their characters see life is very much in line with your way of being. Betting on a better world where we all do our bit for it, there are no inequalities or injustices. Since you were little you had this very clear, you are not here passing through and that is why every time you fight for some cause you will remember the child that there is in you Aquarius.


Pisces from childhood you were always a dreamer and before sleeping you imagined all those situations that you wanted to happen. Now when you grow up, although you know that not always everything is possible, you continue to imagine and dream like a child. You will also like to go out from time to time to eat filthy food or treat yourself in the form of ice cream or crepe. As a child you loved the days when they took you out for a picnic, you enjoyed them like no one else, and now when you do it you even get a little nostalgic.

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