Is There A Difference Between A Nightmare And A Dream?

Is There A Difference Between A Nightmare And A Dream?

The world of dreams is something fascinating and arouses everyone’s curiosity. Who has never been curious to understand why they dreamed of something or someone in particular? Several theories have tried to explain what dreams are and how to understand them. From psychology to esoteric studies, everyone has their own hunch. What we cannot fall into is the mistake of thinking that there is a manual that explains the meaning of each dream or nightmare you have. Interpretation is not something that can be consulted in a guide and I will explain why.

When we dream, the part of our mind responsible for capturing and interpreting the concrete world, the physical world, is disconnected. From the moment we sleep, the part of the mind that becomes active is the part responsible for abstract thinking , which deals with symbols.

All the information that we capture during the day accumulates in our unconscious mind. And, according to the problems we are going through or the challenges we need to overcome on a daily basis, the unconscious mind will gather this information to turn it into an answer, into something that you can understand and that you can put into practice to help in these problems. However, the unconscious mind usually sends this response, this advice, to us during sleep, when the abstract mind is in charge. That way, you will receive this information from symbols.

And why can’t we use these magazine and internet guides to interpret these symbols? Because your mind creates these symbols from the information that you have absorbed during your existence. In this way, each person absorbed different information during their lifetime. To make it easier to understand, let’s cite an example:

One night, you dream of a snake entering your home. If you take a dream interpretation guide it can tell you that it has to do with betrayal, danger or something, but it doesn’t work well. It depends on your relationship with snakes to better understand the meaning.

If that same dream happens to a vet who studies snakes, it makes no sense to be a sign of betrayal for him. If that dream happens to someone who has already been bitten by a snake, it can symbolize danger. If this dream happens to someone who has a pet snake, the interpretation can lead to the meaning of affection and esteem. Do you understand why we cannot interpret dreams as something that is the same for everyone?

That is, each person has their own symbols and the only way to interpret dreams and nightmares is to know their personal symbols. And this is only possible with self-knowledge work. If you want to go deeper into this subject, look for a way to practice self-knowledge and, little by little, interpreting your dreams will be something much easier and more natural.

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