How to Have a Healthy Relationship With a Capricorn?


Until Capricorn sees that the relationship he has in hand can come to fruition, he is not going to let a single iota of his true feelings see the light. Capricorn is a very reserved and very careful person in this matter and he will not risk anything at all if he does not see it clearly. The heart of Capricorn has the armor that it has because of fear. Fear of opening up to a person who is not worthy of your heart. Fear of being carried away by someone who ends up taking away the illusion and the desire to love again. That is why he does not risk until he sees it clearly, and he does not move until he really feels it.

In order to enjoy a healthy relationship with Capricorn, you have to have patience and faith, because the reward that comes behind exceeds all possible expectations.

To be honest? You have to take the first step. No intimidating glances or gestures with double meaning, Capricorn wants the other party to be the one to risk and give the first touch of exit, and from there they will act. Until you see a sign or something to help you verify that it may be real, you do not move a finger or roll a token. Making a fool of yourself is not one of Capricorn’s priorities, so he doesn’t do anything until he has at least a 98% chance. To get a privileged place in your heart you have to have a lot of desire to fight and a little patience.

Capricorn will open very little by little over time and that is much more satisfying than a piece of chocolate when you have a craving for something sweet. That game of seeing what is under all that bush of armor, is going to be the key to make you fall in love very slowly. Capricorn pays a lot of attention to the small unimportant details that come from the heart and are done with gusto. If you are a detailed and sincere person, you have many points to earn. The security that Capricorn’s love inspires in you cannot be compared even with the services of the best bodyguard in the world, seriously, by his side, you feel anything but fear. By his side, everything is great.

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