How to Get Virgo to Commit?


Virgo is a person who can seem quite shy, but it is just because he is waiting for the right person to appear, he goes from opening his heart to toxic shitty people. He is a very selective person, so if you want Virgo to commit to you, you have a lot of work ahead of you. They are that type of person who does not open up to just anyone, they prefer to keep everything they have inside, because they know that this is a way to protect themselves from all the bad people that are loose in this world.

If you want him to commit to you, what you have to do is try to convince him that you are the right person for him / her. You will have to make an effort every day to get Virgo to trust you, he is a pretty disgusting person, so, most likely, he will close the doors on more than one occasion.

Once Virgo sees that you are completely dedicated to him / her, he will give himself completely, yes, Virgo is like that, he goes from not wanting to know anything about you to giving everything to you.
He is a very earthy person, so if you want to finish conquering him, you have to show him things with fact, that he / she sees it, no words, that you already know that shitty story very well.

Virgo loves to take his time, he needs to analyze everything that is happening around him, he cannot take a step without having secured his back first. It is true, that it can take a long time to open, but damn, it is the most normal thing in the world seeing the panorama that exists today. The key to fully committing is to let him know that you are going to wait as long as you need, that he can take all the time in the world, that it will not matter, because you will always be there.

As we have said before, Virgo can seem like a pretty cold person, that’s why you have to be quite sure of yourself, because if not, Virgo will smell your fear from miles away and go from having to be solving life for others. However, if Virgo decides that you are the right person for him / her, he will slowly share his soul with you, in such an intense way that you will achieve a very special connection.

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