How to Get Scorpio to Commit?


Scorpio is a person who has a very mysterious and dangerous personality, that is why if you want to commit to him / her you have to be brave enough for it. She is a person who seems very distant and many say she is evil, and in part she is, but it is because of all the damage they have done to her. Scorpio is a quite spiteful person and whenever they hurt him, he will be plotting his revenge, a revenge that will leave you with your mouth open if you are around.

So, if you pretend that Scorpio commits to you, you better be 100% honest from the start because they don’t have time to fool around. On the other hand, that mystery that awakens makes everyone want to know more about him / her and he loves that, he knows perfectly how to make them want more and whenever he can he will. Of course, do not insist on getting things out of him, because Scorpio only opens when he / she wants and with whom he wants.

He is a very passionate person, he feels everything with great intensity.
This is something very positive since, if Scorpio loves you, he will really do it and will give everything for the relationship, because he will have everything you want, but Scorpio never lies. You have to make sure that you only have eyes for him / her, because if he sees the slightest hint that you are interested in another person he / she can go crazy. On the other hand, he is a person who, although it may not seem like it, is very sensitive and keeps a lot inside. When you start to really know him you see that all that bad boy / girl facade that has been created has nothing to do with how sensitive he can be.

Scorpio can be bad, but damn, it’s not that bad either, everyone from time to time seeks to take revenge on someone who has hurt them, what happens is that Scorpios go head-on not like others, who are shitty hypocrites . Scorpio may seem like a difficult egg to break, but the connection you can get with him / her is one of the most incredible things that can happen to you in this life.

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