How to Get Sagittarius to Commit?


Sagittarius is a person who can seem somewhat carefree, he does not have the need to be worrying about the future. He is a person who prefers to live in the present, yes, to live it to the fullest. You will never see Sagittarius still / and if you see him it is because he is thinking about his next adventure. He is a free soul, and that is why the best way to get him to commit to you is by leaving him his space, if he begins to notice how you try to control him, he will separate you from his life.

Sagittarius can be a crazy goat, but if there is one thing that is clear to him is that he does not want toxic people by his side, who worry about improving his shitty life and let others live.
In addition, he is a fairly clear person, he will not beat around the bush if he has to tell you four well said things. The problem is that Sagittarius cannot bite their tongue and in many cases it is the best option, because we do not know what the other person may be going through, worse, well Sagi is like that and it will continue to be so, he / she first drops the bomb and then if that they ask for forgiveness. He is a very positive person, he cannot stand people who are complaining all day, and the fuck, there are people who seem to be living in war, if they really lived ... Sagittarius has a very good sense of humor and is always up for it. joke, that’s why a relationship with him / her will always be fun.

If you really want Sagittarius to commit to you, you have to make him see that you respect his space, that you respect his way of being, that you will always accompany him on all his adventures whenever he / she wants.

Sagi needs someone positive in his life, because he / she already is and is not willing to lose his smile, negative people out of his sight. For Sagittarius, their perfect partner is a person who is independent and flexible like him / her, so take note, if you are not that type of person, I do not know what you do trying to conquer Sagittarius, because you have nothing to do. Once Sagi feels that you are not there to control him, he will give you all the reins of the relationship, because he will feel that you are his soulmate, the one he has been looking for for so long.

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