How to Get Libra to Commit?

Libra is a person who has a magnetic personality, attracts everyone who comes across him / her and if you want them to commit to you you will have to accept it. He is a person who likes to flatter people, he knows that the world is full of bad vibes and hell, if he can do something to change it he will. This brings many people closer and Libra will have a hard time saying no, although deep down he is willing to say it. He will not do it out of fear, but out of a sense of responsibility that he / she implants himself / herself.

He is a person who likes to be at peace, you will never see him looking for conflict, well sometimes yes, worse very few, but when the conflict seeks him / her, he runs away, because that is when the little demon he carries comes out. within.
Libra is an air sign, and as such, it needs to be constantly communicating with others, if this makes you jealous you can go back the way you have come, because Libra does not have time for your fucking jealousy. It is very easy to fall in love with Libra, he is a person who exudes sympathy and kindness, that is why everyone at some point in their life will fall in love with Libra. He is a person who needs to be made to see the positive side of things, because he / she tries, but his fucking indecisions do not leave him. It seems that he is a very self-confident person, and deep down he is, but that little head does not let him risk and deep down, Libra knows that he who does not risk does not win and that pisses him off a lot.

Therefore, if you really want Libra to commit to you, you have to be a person who makes him jump, who makes him venture out and above all who makes him see that life is two days, that he has to live it.

He is a person who tends to distrust others for all the damage they have done to him and he is not without reason, but in the end he ends up falling again and again in the tentacles of those toxic people for fear of failing others, but he does. What he does not see is that he / she himself / herself is failing. If you really want to commit to Libra you have to make him see that you are an understanding person and that you have humanity, because Libra will always be fighting for a more just world and needs someone like him / her by his side.

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