How to get Leo to commit?


Leo is a person who likes to do things his way, that is, in the best possible way. He is a person who likes to be the life of the party too much, he cannot go anywhere without making sure that he is going to be the center of attention, so if you want Leo to commit to you, you have to be prepared to a life in the background. He is a person who was born to shine, yes, he does not need to step on anyone to do it, it is enough for him to be natural, because Leo has something he wants or does not end up catching your attention.

You need a person who knows how to understand that need to be the center of the universe, because if someone tries to stop you, they have nothing to do with him / her because they know very well how to remove toxic people from their side, they do not want shit to his side.

Leo is a person who will not settle for anything, so you will have to make yourself noticed, but without taking the center off him / her.
He is a person who needs adventure in his day to day, he is pure fire. So if you are not an outgoing, adventurous and somewhat crazy person, you have nothing to do with Leo. He is a person who is very comfortable being who he is, and he is looking for someone who respects his way of being, who will accompany him on his crazy adventures and who will help him try new things. However, despite all this, the key to conquering Leo is laughter. He loves a sense of humor and laughs all day, because he knows that this life is two days and he goes from being bitter with shitty dramas like others do.

To want Leo to commit to you you have to move your ass, it is not easy, but it is not impossible either. It will take a lot of effort, but the reward will be very great since having a Leo close to your life is like having a treasure. Once Leo sees that you are a person who is at his height, but that you can never be above him / her, he will let you into his life. Leo is like that and if you don’t like it then fuck yourself, it’s that simple.

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