How to Get Capricorn to Commit?


Capricorn is a person who does not usually like to get out of his / her comfort zone, so if you want him / her to commit to you, you have to adapt to his / her life. He is a very reserved person, it is difficult for him to open up a lot to others, it is not because he does not want to do it, it is because he feels more secure keeping everything for him / her. He believes that that way others cannot see his weak points. This is where you have to act in the appropriate way, you have to make him see that you are not like the others who are there with him / her because you want you to be happy together.

You have to make him see that he can trust you in all possible ways, because until he is 100% sure he will not take the step. Capricorn without knowing it many times creates limitations and it is you who has to help him overcome all those fears, that is when Capri will see something more in you.

Of course he is a serious person, but he also has his sense of humor, what happens is that he does not like to be constantly joking, he knows when he has to be and when not.
He’s very tired of being told over and over again that he has to open up, but damn it, everyone needs his time and if you don’t understand he’ll surely send you to hell. Capricorn is looking for someone who understands him, who gives him stability and if you are that type of person, Capri will open up with you without any problem, yes, very slowly, who does not want to be surprised.

Capricorn is a person who struggles to achieve all his goals and knows that for this he has to work very hard, so if you really want Capricorn to commit to you you have to make him see that you are a person with a lot of discipline and if you don’t have it you are lost. Capri can’t stand those people who don’t fight for what they want, those people who are lazy shit and who hope they’ll get everything sorted out.

Once you show Capricorn that you are the right person for him / her, he will feel a joy in the body that he has never experienced, because he has finally found that special person that he has been looking for for a long time.

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