How to Get cancer to Commit?


Cancer is a person who, although it seems somewhat distant, is very sensitive, it is one of those people who with little you do for him / her will feel that he is special to you, so to be honest, Cancer is not a great challenge when it comes to engage. He is a very infatuated person, he loves to feel butterflies in his stomach and that means that as soon as he meets someone who cares a little more for him / her, he ends up feeling something more. The most important thing for Cancer to commit is to try to connect with him / her emotionally, kind gestures and details are a point in your favor.

Cancer is looking for someone who understands him perfectly, because deep down he knows that he has a shitty character.
Casual dates do not suit him very much, he prefers to know the plans in advance for himself, prepare for the occasion, to see he also loves surprises, but in his right measure. Cancer is a person who when in love gives everything, puts a lot of dedication to the relationship and if you can get to match it, then you will have everything gained, he will see in you an enriching partner and will not hesitate to give you his heart.

He is a very romantic person and can sin too much when it comes to idealizing things, this makes Cancer quite easy to fall in love with, but for him / her it is something negative, because in the end he always ends up being disappointed, because life is full of fucking toxic people, and unfortunately, Cancer always ends up finding them. In addition, he is one of those people who needs physical contact, from time to time he needs a hug of those that takes his breath away. If Cancer feels that you are the right person, they can spend hours and hours with you curled up on the sofa without any problem, because there is nothing that makes them happier than feeling wrapped up by the person they love.

Cancer can be somewhat insecure, so if you want them to commit to you, you have to be a fairly confident person, you are going to have to pull the relationship car.
Cancer will do his part, but it will be your turn, it will be your turn to make him see that everything is going to be okay. Insecurity may cause him some jealousy, but once he sees that he can trust you 100%, he will have no problem spending the rest of his life by your side.

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