How To Find Your Spiritual Animal

How To Find Your Spiritual Animal

The power animal helps each of us to follow the best path and make the best decisions. As the power animal cares about our well-being, it also alerts us to dangers, changes, intuitions and instincts that can influence our lives. They are true protectors, who accompany us to guarantee our safety, help us to evolve spiritually and have a better quality of life.

Each person has his own animal of power and, to find it, it is necessary to make some actions become routine in his life. First of all, you need to have contact with nature. Knowing how to respect it, appreciate it and involve it in your life is essential.

Having greater contact with the natural elements of the planet, such as trees, water, the sun, animals (nature in general) will make you have more contact with your spiritual self and, consequently, with the spiritual world as a whole, which includes spiritual animals.

Pay attention to the fact that it is useless to go to the forest, for example, and wait seated for a spiritual animal. It is important that you allow nature to enter you . Focus and meditate on natural territory. Feel and recognize the importance of green in your life and, from this exchange of experiences, you will be more connected with it.

As you focus on your spiritual self and meditate on nature, immerse yourself in this experience, but be aware of the sounds that nature makes while you are there. Do not have external distractions so that the moment is not wasted.

Of course, we now need to pay special attention to animals. Realize the role of each one in nature , recognize the importance of each one of them and start to realize which one you most identify with.

Take advantage of all the natural spaces around you and others more distant that you have the opportunity to visit - forests, trails, beaches, among others - to connect with the environment, but it is also worth taking advantage of man-made ones - like parks, for example.

When this connection with nature becomes natural in your routine, start to see if there are any animals that make recurring appearances in your life. Anyway. It could be the cat, for example - real cats, plush cats, cat paintings, tattoos, advertisements, dreams, anything.

If this recurring appearance of a species occurs in your life, know that, possibly, your spiritual animal (or animal of power) is trying to contact you. Be sensitive and, again, meditate a lot, in order to get in touch with him.

Pay attention to the signals he gives you , which can be diverse, from subliminal messages in dreams to something in our plan, in real life, when some animal of the species tries to get your attention in some way.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be connected with your power animal. It can help you guide your life in a much deeper, more productive and more active way. He will be at your side when making important decisions, as well as being able to alert you to situations (good or bad) that have not even happened yet.

Of course, since animals do not speak human languages, you will need to be open and receptive to interpret messages from spiritual animals. That is why meditations in the midst of nature and the observation of its elements is so important. The more contact you have with nature, the easier it will be to interpret each message.

Always remember, too, that your power animal needs to feel welcome to appear for you. So, do your best to make him feel that way - when you find out who your power animal is,  make your home receptive to him, just like yourself .

To make your home and yourself receptive to the animal, it is important that you study about it. So it can never be too much to study about it. If your power animal is a wolf, for example, study the behavior and life of wolves here on Earth. Even though you are spiritual, your power animal will feel good about everything that the physical wolves would also feel - the same goes for anger, fear and other feelings.

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