How To Win An Argument Against Each Zodiac Sign?

How To Win An Argument Against Each Zodiac Sign?

Are you looking for a new love, but don’t know where to start? Or did you embark on a romance, but are lost in the game of conquest?

The zodiac can help you bring out the best in yourself and then you will get to know your potential partner better. Get your new love right and prolong your relationship.

How to conquer Aries

To win the heart of an Aries is easy - pretend it doesn’t exist! Arians, because they have a sign related to fire, live on the platonic and fleeting passions, they enjoy the most sensual conquests. They also don’t like people who are very attached to them and prefer a more objective flirt, so to win an Arian, let him have the initiative and an attitude too, but in a discreet and punctual way.

How to win Taurus

Taureans fall in love with people who know how to cook in a divine way, because for them, food comes first. They are very fond of desserts in particular. Don’t go in too much of a hurry, the bull natives like the conquest that takes time, a conquest that is appreciated and one that is also very discreet. They like people who dress up and who invest in quality clothes and perfumes, and who are sensual.

How to conquer Gemini

Geminis are the most flirty ones in the zodiac, they like the game of seduction that involves flirting and usually have many suitors. Use your intelligence! The native of twins likes people who know how to talk and interact, so do not expect them to start the conversation, have attitude and command. Leave it free to open up gradually. They are too vain, but insecure to the same extent. Know how to measure these aspects at the time of the conquest.

How to win Cancer

Cancerians get along very well with people who have tastes in common with them, such as series, movies, and books. If the tastes are too similar, marriage is right! In addition, they have a strong connection with the family and seek someone who feels the same way. Have patience when conquering and bet on subtlety. The cancer native only opens his heart to the romance he will give and that he knows will not end up hurting.

How to conquer Leo

The Leos need to feel that they are in charge of the conquest, so, let him have his attitude and let him guide the conversations and meetings. To get it for good, you’ll need to prove how special and unique it is, because that’s how they feel every day. The proofs of love are essential to carry the romance forward, this is because the lion native is very self-confident and needs to be reaffirmed. In the game of conquest, they love to play with seduction.

How to win Virgo

To conquer a Virgo, invest in discreet approaches that prioritize the game of glances between you and your love interest, because the native of this sign is very shy and prioritizes people who know how to deal with this aspect of their life. If you really want to conquer a Virgo, keep in mind that you will need time and a lot of investment, as Virgos do not redeem themselves easily! If they want, they will make it happen, but otherwise, it is unlikely that love will establish a bond.

How to conquer Libra

Libras demand that their partners have some specific qualities such as kindness, warmth, elegance, and intelligence. If you don’t fit those parameters, don’t even try to run after their heart. Another important factor is not to “stick” too much; Librans appreciate their space and don’t like flattery. However, you can invest in the game of seduction, which Libras are very fond of; they like to dominate and find irresistible ways to win that game.

How to win a Scorpio

To conquer a Scorpio native keep in mind that you will need a lot of persistence and patience. This is because, it is usually the Scorpio who takes the reins of the relationship and it is he who will give the cards for this game. Be ready for the challenges of conquering an extremely sensual and convinced person. Bet on the mystery to create a wave of expectations and do not set aside seduction, but keep in mind that everything has a limit, Scorpios are also very discreet and reserved.

How to conquer Sagittarius

If you’re funny and in a good mood, you’re sure to win the heart of a Sagittarius. This sign likes to feel free, to have a good laugh and to live “well with life,” so bet on tours that explore this adventurous side of it. Taking Sagittarians for picnics, outdoor walks, sports games and others such activities are thoroughly enjoyed by them. But be careful, show your interest without getting in his way! Sagittarians are not afraid to suffer, which leads them to plunge headlong into new love.

How to win Capricorn

If your desire is to invest in a relationship with a Capricorn, be very careful, as they only get involved if it is to take something very seriously. Capricorn natives are very faithful and loyal people, so they hardly risk being with someone just for a day. The adventures that do not last do not attract much because they are timid and highly responsible people. Invest in your personal confidence to win his heart and sharpen your taste for fun.

How to win Aquarius

Aquarians are free and despoiled people, so they hate to relate to jealous and possessive people; if you are one of those kinds, give up soon. They detest monotony and routine, and are always looking for new activities. Aquarius natives are not sticky and much less make a thousand declarations of love. For them, dating is something simple. So winning their heart should be easy. Treat them as a friend, invest in trust and romance will succeed.

How to conquer Pisces

If your target is a Pisces, get ready to bond with someone who is sensitive, dreamy, and romantic. Affection for them is essential, so, in the conquest phase, invest in gifts and notes full of romance and love. So also, Pisceans need to feel confident and protected to embark on love. Another important factor is to try to meet the friends of the fish native, as they value their friendships more than their novels. And if they need to choose, they will certainly put their friends first.

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