How to calm down each zodiac sign?


One of the worst things you can say to someone on the verge of a nervous breakdown is “calm down” “let it be” or any such advice. Next, we expose you the different ways that the signs of calming down. Although with some signs it seems impossible, you can come to fruition. Now, you have to work hard. There they go:


The last thing Aries needs at those times is someone to say “I told you so” “calm down” or any kind of obligation or phrase that further increases anger. The best thing is to go with the flow of Aries and agree with him in all the arguments that come out fuming from his mouth. Even if he does not wear it, even if he goes crazy with insults or ugly words, even if he says nonsensical things, you have to leave room for Aries when he only sees anger behind his eyes, because it will be useless to make him see reason in that state ... Aries will It will calm you when you see that you are not alone, when you feel sincere and real support from your people and when you feel safe.


Calming Taurus takes a lot of effort and patience. Above all that ... Taurus needs to see that everything will be fine, but it is not good for him to be told “everything will be fine” because in truth, what he needs as air to breathe is to see that everything will be fine.  See it, feel it, smell it and even imagine it and be able to touch it with your fingers ... Taurus needs to reflect in his mind the future, the exact moment when a conflict disappears. Taurus needs to believe in it as never before, because the mind is very bad and the Taurus mind plays very bad tricks on it when it is in extreme situations or conflict situations.


If you want Geminis to calm down calmly and without causing any drama or any type of more serious problem, please try to put your tongue in your affairs and leave the comments like “Gemini, I told you this was going to happen… I told you so… You don’t listen to me ”for later, because what Geminis really need is silence. Much silence, much peace and quiet, space for you to vent your anger alone and thus, heal in health and save yourself a new drama. Why do we say this? Because Geminis knows each other and knows that when they get overwhelmed or angry, their words go out without a filter and hurt ...


When Cancer needs to calm down, it needs a lot of peace, a lot of silence, and a lot of understanding. The last thing he wants at those times is more people around him adding fuel to the fire or simply being there (solely and exclusively to hinder and nothing else). Surprisingly, Cancer does not need solitude but it does need to be in control. That is, what Cancer needs is to see how it can manage everything without problem. Talk to your friends or family and all of them respond immediately. That they cooperate, that they understand and understand Cancer ... He does not want anyone to judge him.


Whoever tries to calm Leo with super positive messages or with a pat on the shoulder, let him get a good place to settle down, because he will have to wait for that miracle to happen, because a Leo will not calm down when invited to do so, when forced or when others dictate ... Leo will calm down when Leo thinks it is convenient, no more, no less.  It is what it is. Leo is like that, he needs to set on fire to release any rest, period. He prefers to be natural and act impulsively, to eat everything he feels and act like a robot that has no feelings. With Leo, fire is always assured.


The only way to calm a Virgo with a very dangerous state of nerves or a monumental anger, is with tests. Yes, that’s right, proof that Virgo is right and the others are not. Tests that make you trust again, that make it clear to you what is there ... A Virgo does not use hopeful words or phrases or messages of encouragement and support. What Virgo wants is for any conflictive situation to be solved instantly. Virgo knows that there is the damage and relives it several times, Virgo is not one of those people who look aside and go through everything ...


Calming Libra down when Libra doesn’t want to calm down is like waiting for a lemon tree to give you phrases. Or it’s also like when you put gasoline on a very hot fire ... A really stupid and illogical idea. Libra is a very communicative, expressive and simple sign. So far, good. But when he is in a dangerous state of nerves or, very angry about some particular cause, Libra gets carried away by his mini dark side and brings out his most unknown part. A Libra is completely unbalanced because of extreme stress, it is something like a mini time bomb ... It is best to leave Libra alone. be there, but don’t press ...


How to calm a Scorpio? Giving him something shocking. Something that will leave you open-mouthed.  But well, it is not as easy as it seems, because that gift cannot be material. Yes, Scorpio loves non-material gifts. A letter, a detail ... Surely most people do not believe that Scorpio is very sentimental, but when he is going through a conflictive situation or simply has a very bad day, what he really comforts is receiving disinterested expressions of affection and you miss from the heart. Really. It is not worth going to a store and buying the most expensive thing that exists (or well, sometimes yes, but not in this case) Scorpio what he wants is to receive a lot of peace and serenity through something emotional ..


If you want to deal in a very good way with a Sagittarius on the verge of a nervous state, please, zero stress, criticism, obligations, advice or free motivational speeches, because Sagittarius hates receiving things when he has not asked for anything ... What’s more, In those moments, what most crosses the mind of Sagittarius is to run away and not look back. The best thing would be to leave the room that Sagittarius is in to let his rage out of its own accord. Sagittarius is very independent and the last thing you need to do is notice how you depend on someone to get ahead. A good time alone, and like new.


Calming Capricorn is as if you are facing the most complicated situation of your life for the first time. Something like that. Trying to enter the Capricorn mind to know what the problem is, it is difficult.  Well, directly it is impossible, because no one enters his mind (with or without permission) Capricorn rejects any kind of help, advice or even any shoulder to cry on. You do not want anyone to see that there is pain in your eyes, you do not want anyone to worry, but you do not do it to attract attention, on the contrary, Capricorn hates to be the center of all eyes. Whatever happens to him, he has to solve it alone and with a lot of silence in between ...


Calming an Aquarius is hard work. But trying to calm an Aquarius under the influence of extreme overwhelm or some kind of supernatural stress is really impossible. If Aquarius could, every time he feels like this he would certainly grab his suitcase and go far, far away ... But that is not possible, or at least it is the least recommended option. The most timely way to get Aquarius to calm down is to leave Aquarius to his own methods and not interfere with any of them. The last thing Aquarius wants is to see someone outside get into his mind, his thoughts, his heart ... He just wants support, nothing more.


You can’t just say to Pisces “hey Pisces, calm down” because that doesn’t help at all. Look, if you are not going to transmit peace and serenity to Pisces, better stay with your help and save everything you have to give, because for a Pisces on the verge of a nervous breakdown to calm down, a lot of serenity is needed. Now, let Pisces find ways to reach that peace on their own feet, because Pisces gets used to the help that others offer very quickly. It is very customary to have support, to have someone there so that when they fail they are not alone and in the end, that does not benefit the fish at all ... For Pisces to calm down successfully, practice a lot.

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