This Is What You're Like Sexually in Bed, According To Your Zodiac Sign

This Is What You're Like Sexually in Bed, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Want to spice up the relationship, but don’t know how? Want to make that second, or third date, or something else? We will help you! Each has their own way of feeling aroused and wanting to turn that dinner into a breakfast in bed.
And to find out how to arouse the hot side of your partner, Astrology will give you a little help… How about making the weather warmer? See below how to provoke the most sensual side of each sign!

Aries Sexually in Bed

Aries is a sign of the Fire element and therefore they are closely linked to their sexual urges. They love to live every hot moment with intensity and they open the game to a new exciting level: they are not ashamed to show what they like. Arians get excited quickly and are anxious, so they don’t care much about the preliminaries.

Precisely because of this combination of factors, they like to command moments of pleasure, so they do it in their own time and way - but make no mistake, they do everything to make their partner as happy as he is. So there is not much secret: be fiery, have a lot of energy and allow the Aries person to command sex.

Taurus Sexually in Bed

Earth brings Taureans the need to feel that they can trust the person before they fully open the game. So few things will happen before trust is established. However, when they feel this security, Taureans are romantic and very sensual.

They like endless foreplay, because the more affection, the more excited they will feel and be. Taureans also have a lot of energy, so sex can last for hours! And to spice up those moments even more, using food, drinks, other objects, and caring is extremely valid. So abuse the condensed milk!

Gemini Sexually in Bed

Geminis love new stuff, so forget about that traditional daddy and mommy - one time or another it might roll, but if you always do it and fall into monotony, the Gemini (or Geminis) will run away! With Gemini natives, there should be no rules for sex!

Abuse Sexual Words and Phrases at Sex - Gemini is a very communicative sign, so speech has a very important meaning for them. So also, do indulge in creativity: propose sex in an unusual place or new position, make use of erotic fantasies and anything else you want. Twins stumble upon everything!

Cancer Sexually in Bed

Cancer is one of the most romantic signs in the entire Zodiac. This is why Cancer people are very romantic, dreamy, and emotional. So you need to know that usually, Cancerians only fully surrender in bed when they feel something else for their partner - that is, love or passion. If so, they show caprice in every detail!

They enjoy a more romantic, affectionate, delicate sex. Affections are very important and valid throughout the body. So abuse the cuddles, hand and mouth caresses (don’t forget your tongue) and many exchanges of glances.

Leo Sexually in Bed

Ah, Leo! Like Aries, Leo is also a sign of the Fire element, so Leo is very fiery. But more than that, Leo natives have one more plus when it comes to sex: they want to show that they are the best at it.

Then they will do everything (absolutely everything) to drive their partner crazy. By the way, it is worth saying that praising the performance of the lion in bed is indispensable! Enjoy the tip: praise the physique of the Leo (or leonine), say what he is good at, very good at or extraordinary at, all very sexy. And, when ready, Leo goes wild!

Virgo Sexually in Bed

Very rarely will a Virgo take the initiative. So you will need to move the move. Do not arrive with everything, because they are discreet and analytical, they like to understand the situation before reaching the next step.

So don’t rush to the foreplay, which starts with exchanging glances over dinner. Let the Virgo natives watch you, because that is what he wants before he does anything else with you. As the Virgos open up, take advantage of the space to begin caressing!

Libra Sexually in Bed

Libras are refined, social, and romantic people. So they do not like to have sex with those they do not know much about. They prefer something more delicate and loving in their gestures. They get excited as the affection increases. Just like the Leos, the Libras also give a lot of importance to the physical aspect, so that part needs to be in order.

So if your goal is to please a Libran, whichever way you look, always try to be flawless in your own way - the Libran needs to feel that you have done your best to please him; so he will do the same for you! Wear a sexy outfit and go for the caresses and make your erotic dances seen!

Scorpio Sexually in Bed

The fame of the sign does not lie: Scorpio is known as the most ardent sign of the entire Zodiac. And it’s true. They are truly, absolutely intense, and their energy never ends - as long as the partner wants, the Scorpio will be ready to continue.

Very sensual and carnal, they love to live the pleasures that their body provides, so they surrender easily. They like to try out all the possibilities, so don’t be afraid to propose crazy things! Maintain an absolutely warm, energetic and vibrant climate from the beginning of the preliminaries.

Sagittarius Sexually in Bed

Sagittarius is a very happy, lively, and entertaining sign. Therefore, they always like new adventures, which involve a lot of creativity and boldness. Don’t think twice about taking action, just do what you want! So also, be no different in the hottest of times.

To ignite the horny natives of this sign, provide news! Strong emotions and adventures are indispensable topics for Sagittarians. They are very liberal, so they will run into everything. Just beware of charges, because if they arise, the horny dies.

Capricorn Sexually in Bed

Capricorn is a sign that is essentially more serious and reserved. The focus of Capricorns is often, most often, their professional career or some other kind of goal that is not usually tied to the pleasures of the body. But don’t think that Capricorn natives are indifferent to sex, because that’s not true!

Just knowing how to understand the Capricorn’s way of being for sex to catch fire. Try to encourage your boner with erotic movies (more about sensuality than pornography) and, throughout the movie, get sexier cuddles. He will love it!

Aquarius Sexually in Bed

Just like Gemini and Sagittarius, Aquarius also seeks novelty, fun, and new experiences. They like to use creativity to innovate whenever possible - including everything that goes for every aspect of life! But back to the subject, in sex, Aquarians like to live without any limits or rules.

It is far from exhibitionist but practically insatiable. Begin by making your intentions clear and take the initiative. At the time of sex, remember to innovate. Choose different positions, totally unusual places and, if you like, you can explore fantasies to the fullest and whatever you want!

Pisces Sexually in Bed

Foreplay makes the Pisces crazy. Very romantic and delivered to experience seduction to the fullest, Pisces natives travel during each kiss, touch, and affection. The more affection and kisses, the more delivered they will be.

When they feel that they can trust their partner, Pisceans do whatever it takes to please them - in fact, they know exactly what to do, after all they are very intuitive. But if you really want to drive any Pisces into complete madness, take him for sex in the pool, in the shower, or somewhere with water. Remember that foreplay is essential, including oral sex!

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