How Scorpio reacts when they understand that their relationship is over?


Ending a relationship is not easy for anyone, especially when you have fought for it. But everyone, even the most insistent person in the world, has a limit. Each of the zodiac signs have a way of understanding that their relationship has come to an end. This way is that of Scorpio:

Scorpio understands that their relationship is over when their partner betrays them. Scorpio finds it very difficult to give himself to others, to open his heart completely, to let the rest be able to enter him. And when suddenly, you find a person who is worthwhile and who gives you all the confidence in the world to open up, you give almost everything, even if you always keep a little bit to yourself.

Scorpios may be willing to forgive over and over again, they may be willing to overlook many mistakes and many failures of their partner. Obviously, he understands that no one is perfect. But he will never bear the betrayal, in fact, it is impossible for him to overcome it even if at first he can forgive his partner ... But no, sooner or later the madness, the stress, the anxiety and the accumulated anger will come out. Neither forgive nor forget. The person in the end will be “dead” to Scorpio, and the relationship, too.

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