How others see you according to your zodiac sign?


Have you ever wondered how others see you? The safest thing is that the perception we have of ourselves does not coincide with that of others about us. That’s why here we bring you what others think of you according to your zodiac sign.


Aries you are a very impulsive person and this makes others sometimes see you as an overly aggressive person. We are not talking about a physical aggressiveness, but a verbal aggressiveness and a somewhat arrogant attitude. When they tell you something that you can’t stand you jump up and do it without thinking about anything.

On the other hand, they see you as a very brave person, a person who does not put down with anything. Everyone has some fear, but your Aries, if you have it, you do not show it. You will do whatever it takes to get what you want and you know that sooner or later you will have it. This is something that others admire about you so you can feel proud.


Taurus you are a person who has your feet on the ground. And you think that most of the time it is a positive point, but others do not think so. Others believe that you are too strict a person, who does not let your imagination fly. In addition, they believe that you do not give your arm to twist, they have that perception of you of being a stubborn person, although you already know that and admit it.

Mind you, everyone sees you as a person you can trust. Come in you a good friend in whom you can trust. That is good Taurus, because it means that you will always be surrounded by people who love you, not toxic people and if not you will put your remedy.


Gemini you are a person who adapts very well to all situations, but others do not see it that way. They perceive you as a false person, one day you are here and the next day you are on the opposite side. Gemini is tough, but others do not usually trust you, they do not see you as a transparent person, they believe that you hide something behind that sense of humor that characterizes you.

Of course, Geminis also see you as a fun person, a person with whom you can start a conversation and who will always make you smile. So, although they see you as a person who is on two sides, they also see you as the joy of the garden. And you are Gemini.


Cancer, you are a very homelike person and people know how to see it very well. They see you as a very sensitive person who is aware of others. Cancer, they see you as a person who loves to be at home with their loved ones, a person who needs nothing more than to spend time with the people they love.

Cancer that homely attitude that others see in you is something to admire. They see you as a sensitive and very intuitive person. But sometimes they see you a bit dramatic and that doesn’t work in your favor. You know that sometimes you make dramas out of the ordinary, but they love you that way or they don’t love you.


Leo you are a person who likes to be the center of attention and calm because everyone knows it. Others see you as an overly self-centered and somewhat arrogant person, that’s because on many occasions you don’t stop talking about yourself and that is not liked by many people.

But Leo, they not only see that bad egocentricity, they also see all the talent that you have. That ability you have to capture the attention of everyone you propose is something that others admire about you because not everyone knows how to do it. Leo you have a great attitude towards life and that people see. People admire that you love yourself so much.


Virgo you are a person who does not miss a detail. Everybody knows it, knows that you are implacable, that you don’t miss a single one. They see you as a person who judges everything that others do because you are always analyzing all the steps that people take.

On many occasions they see you as a scary person, because they are afraid to act in front of you in case you are too hurtful with your comments. But Virgo also see you as a person who does everything perfectly, you do not miss one and you have everything spun.


Libra you are a person who likes peace. And that is how others see you, they see you as a calm person who will never be in search of conflict. Libra you are a person who is always in a continuous search for balance because, although others see you as the most balanced person in the entire zodiac, this is not the case.

In addition, they see you as a person who is always willing to help others. Libra you will always worry more about others than about yourself and people know that so be careful because they will try to take advantage of you however it is. Libra others see a lot of who you are, but they still have to discover everything that you carry inside.


Scorpio you are a very passionate person and you are tired of being only left with that because you are something more than passion. Others see you as a very sexual person and fame outweighs what you really are. In addition, they believe that you are the most evil sign of all, but in reality you have a heart that does not fit in your chest, a heart that few know.

It can be all this so that sometimes you do not open up too much and others see you as an emotionally cold person. What they do not know is that all your feelings have an intensity out of the ordinary and that if they stopped to really know you they would be amazed. In short, Scorpio, everyone has a very wrong perception of you.


Sagittarius you are an extremely positive person and this is how others see you. They see that you are that person who is always taking the good side out of everything that happens and they appreciate it. That is why Sagittarius, that everyone wants to surround themselves with you because they know that if they are close to you they are surrounded by happiness.

In addition, they see you as a very joking and intelligent person, they see in you everything they would like to be, because Sagittarius is difficult not to want to be like you. The problem is that these people often approach you out of interest and do not care about you at all, because, even if you are always in a good mood, you also have your lows.


Capricorn you are a person who has things very clear and when he tries to get in your way, you are flat. That is why others see you as an inaccessible person who is even somewhat afraid to speak because they do not know how you are going to react. Capricorn you have a huge heart but that tough attitude makes you a bit intimidating at times.

Capricorns see you as a person full of talent and you are, but they believe that many times that talent is overshadowed by your bad mood. People do not understand that you are not in a bad mood, you are simply focused on what really matters to you.


Aquarius you are a person who goes his own way and that many people do not understand. That is why they see you as a volatile person, some days you are here and the other days you are on the opposite side. They see you as a treacherous person, but in reality they do not know that the only thing that happens is that you do not like to cling to anything or anyone.

Aquarius do not worry because not only do they think that you are a treacherous person, they also admire the ability you have to put peace where there is only war. It is a bit contradictory what they think of you, but Aquarius or you do not know yourself, you are a very mysterious person.


Pisces you are a person who only thinks about being happy, because you know that life is really what matters. What happens is that constantly thinking about that makes you very disappointed and that is why others see you as a person full of sadness. Pisces see you as the typical dramatic person who goes down with whatever happens to him.

They are partly right, but you are a very sensitive person and what does not affect you affects you by a thousand. Pisces deep down you are strong because of everything you’ve been through but others see you as weak and that’s why they think they can do you all the damage they want, and they are wrong.

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