How is virgo as a traveler?


The ordered traveler. Of course, it could not be otherwise, because since you spend the money, what less than doing it on a perfectly structured trip. Virgo, we know that you always want to find the best deals, but it is not that you settle for anything no matter how cheap it is. You really like to know that you are not going blind, because last minute surprises like “there are cockroaches in the apartment” or “this was not as we had planned” honestly make your panic increase. And no, you don’t like to ruin your trips because of a bad organization or, simply, by not having investigated well the places where you went to sleep, see, and everything else ...

You want your trips to be perfect (within your concept of perfection) and that there are as few unforeseen events as possible.

Although it is obvious that we refer to realistic and everyday unforeseen events, because obviously it is not that you can control the delay of a flight or the weather. Those are factors that you have to accept, period, but with you we mean not being in a desired place, not knowing what to do, wasting time walking around and not knowing the most emblematic places ... You are one of those who They think that “since I go, I do it well, period.”

You would rather enjoy a well-organized vacation (with its pluses and minuses) than have an uncontrolled and precarious vacation that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth of the destination you are visiting.

For you, traveling without a premeditated schedule, without a suitcase made to perfection and full of all the possible scarce cases and without a well-structured accommodation and excursion organization, is like traveling blind and you don’t want that in your life. .

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