How Is Virgo as a Friend?


With Virgo, as selective and critical he is, we are going to start by seeing what he is like as a friend in a different way. And it is counting, not who his friends are, but who will never be able to be his friends. Who will never reject directly but in such a subtle way that not even they will find out? And beware, no matter how much a friend recommends to a possible friend, as Virgo does not see it clearly, he can already go that candidate recommended by the same place where he has come. The Virgo friend knows perfectly (although his internal logic knows it better) that there are people who do not like him, nor do they reach him, nor do they serve him at all. And from deep inside he brings it out and is relentless (although he never stops smiling as he puts up the barrier).

But let’s get back to the topic. The non-friends of Virgo are perfectly defined: all those people who are very informal and chaotic for dates, or those who do not adapt to group plans, or who always function improvising and with outbursts of character and the possibility of messing it up every time. two times three.

All these people drive Virgo out of their boxes, which means that it is difficult for Virgo to establish bonds of friendship with them. They may be acquaintances or friends of friends to hang out with (and more if they are fun, fun is good) but they will never have Virgo’s phone. That’s for sure.

Those who are on your agenda and also in the “frequent contacts” section are people related to Virgo. Perhaps other signs work well from the differences and despite them complement each other. Virgo no. Virgo is someone deep, honest and respectful, and likes (or rather, needs) people with similar values when it comes to personal relationships.

The Virgo friend does not invade the personal lives of the people around him if they do not give way. And you want the same for yours.

Virgo tends to help his friends, whatever and for whatever, and is grateful when he or she is helped too. And it doesn’t have to be the same way; Virgo is worth those relaxing friends who with their presence, their conversation, or their advice relieve him of his continuous worries.

With friends, Virgo also tends to delve into some life issues or feelings. Neither deep enough to be pedantic nor too frivolous that Virgo feels like the conversation isn’t worth it.

In general, Virgo usually has the respect and admiration of their friends. It may not be the most popular but its presence is always counted on in all plans. Virgo is the solid and assuring friend. Always friendly, always sensitive to what happens to others, and always respectful of their ways of being.

And how does this wonder of friend fail? Well, he is a pure observer, but his taste for criticism always shits it with some very unfortunate comments. Because they are also critical with a lot of truth and that always hurts. It can also be a sign of being distracted a bit with the environment and that the friend who is leaving the saliva in telling him his sorrows does not perceive that he has much interest in what he tells him.

When it comes to dating or going on vacation or weekends, Virgo can also mess with the organization (it gets very heavy with everything being very strict, it does not relax). And especially with the schedules. That it is good to be punctual but sometimes it grates a bit.

Anyway, if we take out the dirty laundry of Virgo as a friend it is not anything serious, as you can see. Well, maybe if you have a bad day, take your most realistic and squared-off part to the extremes and get involved in some conversation; Or perhaps your practical nature leads you to create very practical and routine relationships. But overall, it’s their good humor, their gracious willingness to help and give themselves, their ability to make relationships easy, and their thoughtful profile that make a Virgo a good friend. Well, well, really.

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