How Is the Power of Seduction of Virgo?


Virgo , it goes without saying that you are one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac, but also one of the most seductive. Although it may seem contradictory, despite your shy nature, your charm lies in that mystery that is your personality for others. As a good observer that you are, you walk around the world looking at the small details, hence perhaps you are so perfectionist and so seductive at the same time. Today we want to talk about the power of seduction of Virgo and like you, make an analysis of those striking characteristics that you have. Curious? Let’s see what you think ...


Virgo, if there is something you cannot deny, it is that your desire to look good sometimes takes you to the extreme. Surely you have a natural appeal that allows you to go wherever you want because you still attract attention ... but no, not you, you have to leave in perfect condition even if it is to buy bread. You are meticulous and perfectionist in all aspects of your life, and that makes others notice you even without you looking for it ... but what happens when you look for it? When you look for it, you get whoever you propose to be totally in love with you, and it is that you project something through your image that is difficult to explain. You know what we’re talking about right?


Let’s see Virgo, we already know that not just anyone is good for you, although you love to seduce and it is something innate, you are quite selective or what is worse, quite critical. You do not hang out with little girls, you analyze and quickly sentence who you have in front of you. You are an expert in detecting faults both in people and in things, and if those little faults are not bearable for you, you have no choice but to remove from your life those who can question your name.
You do not plan to surround yourself with people who can stain your reputation, much less people who make you feel ridiculous, please! Now, the same critical eye that you have for others you also have for yourself and that is why sometimes you beat yourself up more than necessary ... don’t be so harsh Virgo , nobody is perfect.


If we talk about love, you Virgo do not like big sentimental statements , those that come full of promises and affection. That doesn’t work with you, what’s more, they may even make you run away. To reach your heart it is better to use other methods, and it is not that you are a masochist or that you like to give and receive affection, it is that you prefer quality over quantity.

As you handle assertiveness very well and do not go to extremes, when someone who knows how to maintain the right temperature arrives you melt and surrender to what can be a beautiful love story ... but what happens Virgo if who you like does not put the interest that you would like? You may try once, but if it doesn’t work, you will turn around and accept defeat as part of your destiny without trauma and without giving it more importance than it has. It is not that things do not hurt you, it is that you know how to give each thing its place and each person what they deserve. You know!


Yes, yes, yes ... in this sense you get all the awards. You are the King or Queen of seduction  when you want and even when you don’t want to. You are so analytical that you know very well how to satisfy the desires of those who share your love or sexual life, in fact, you are a specialist in making all your partner’s fantasies come true. Virgo, it is that mystery that, willingly or unwillingly, you preserve that makes you become irresistible and deep down you know it ... you know it and you take advantage of it too.

Your fantasy is the forbidden , so the more difficult it is to carry out your purposes, the more you will think about how to perform your movements to get your way, and usually you succeed. Although you have your feet on the ground, in bed matters you are one of the most erotic signs of the zodiac, hence you take care of all the details in each of your encounters, and when we say all it is absolutely all ... the light, the clothes interior, perfume and everything that can generate the ideal environment to consummate passion and desire. You are a Virgo beast!

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