The Guide To How Each Zodiac Sign Kisses And Shows Their Affection

The Guide To How Each Zodiac Sign Kisses And Shows Their Affection

Of course, the best way to discover how each kiss is, effectively, kissing. But we can predict some characteristics of each kiss through the signs, and, thus, we know whether or not we will identify with the other person. In reality, the entire Astral Chart needs to be analyzed for a more accurate reading to be made, not least because of some aspects and components of house 2, 5, and 8 and the positioning of Mars and Venus influence. But some characteristics of the signs already tell us a lot about each type of kiss. See the main ones below and find out how you kiss and are (or will be) kissed!

Aries Kissing Style

Aries, ruled by Mars, is one of the signs of the element of fire. As in other areas of life, Aries is highly energetic and wants their kiss to be the best of their lives. For that to happen, they think it is necessary to have total control of the situation, so let the kiss be in their rhythm and manner. So get ready for a scorching, full-bodied kiss!

Taurus Kissing Style

Taureans are from the earth element and are ruled by Venus. They are highly sensual and make it a point to spend all this sensuality with long kisses and with many caresses on the body at all times. Taurus people are known to kiss well - it’s usually so good that it usually ends up happening a lot more.

Gemini Kissing Style

Gemini is from the air element and is ruled by Mercury. Like its element, it is not possible to know what to expect from Geminis. Each day they want something different and feel different. So your kiss can be sweet, loving, and romantic at one time, and strong, wild and sensual at another. So, the kiss of the Gemini people depends on how their mood is and what their wishes are at that moment. If you like this kind of variation, kissing Geminis will be a great experience.

Cancer Kissing Style

Cancerians, ruled by the Moon and having water as their element, are completely surrendered, emotional, and committed. So with that, the kiss of Cancer people could not be otherwise, besides being very delicate and emotional. So get ready for gentle, careful, and passionate kisses. But passionate in every way, as many Cancerians consider a kiss to be the beginning of a relationship, be sure of what you want!

Leo Kissing Style

Leos are governed by fire and sun, incredibly sensual, dramatic, engaging, and seductive. In kisses, they are grand and fiery. They give themselves ultimately so that it is unforgettable for both. When kissing a lion, you will enter a warm, exciting, and passionate rhythm. You will be surprised to find out how a lion or lion knows precisely where to place your hand and how to move during kisses, which will make you completely indulge in the sensations.

Virgo Kissing Style

Virgo is an earth sign, ruled by Mercury. Being the most perfectionist and organized sign of the Zodiac, their kiss works the same way. While he doesn’t feel safe, the Virgo is shy and restrained. But, after feeling at ease, Virgo people surrender completely and show all the sensitive gifts.

Libra Kissing Style

Librans love to please the people they love. When it’s time to kiss, then, don’t even talk! The Libra sign is controlled and balanced, so it is a delicate and subtle kiss in most cases. However, if the partner wants some crazy kisses, he’ll be fine if the Libra is really in love. But know that he will always be with the reason above emotion.

Scorpio Kissing Style

Whoever was born between October 23 and November 21 is Scorpio. Therefore, they are sensual people and attracted by all possibilities of physical contact, so much so that they are completely uninhibited in sexual relations imagine kissing. Scorpio people usually kiss in a highly sensual, addictive, and hot way. His kiss is very similar to Taurean kisses, which are also highly seductive.

Sagittarius Kissing Style

Like Aries and Leo, Sagittarius is of the element of fire, which makes it extremely strong, hot, sagacious, and sensual. With Jupiter as their conductor, Sagittarians are adventurous, playful, intelligent, and energetic - all of these characteristics are present while kissing. So, be prepared for long, very engaging, and tireless kisses.

Capricorn Kissing Style

Capricorns are more severe than people of other signs. His kisses are in keeping with his seriousness, which may make them not look so excited, but know that it’s just a little emotional insecurity, in case he doesn’t see the person he’s kissing very well. On the contrary, when he trusts his partner, his kiss is sensual thanks to his ruler (Saturn) and deep (as well as his element, the earth).

Aquarius Kissing Style

Aquarius is a sign of the air element. Therefore, Aquarians like freedom and are completely detached. Precisely because he is afraid of falling in love and losing the freedom he so cherishes, the kiss of this sign is light and not too intense so that he does not run the risk of falling in love. On the other hand, Aquarius people are always looking for news and are not ashamed to try new experiences.

Pisces Kissing Style

Like the other signs of the water element, Scorpio and Cancer, Pisceans are very committed, emotional, and dreamy. Pisces is a sign that gives passionate kisses - literally because even during the first contact, they can already fall in love. In addition, the kisses of the people of Pisces are full of affection and delicacy!

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