How Is Taurus as a Friend?


When it comes to getting to know a little better what Taurus is like as a friend, you have to start with a consideration. Taurus does not like to move in society, yes but no, his group of close people is not very wide because, in reality, he is the first one who does not want it to be like that. That leaves us a panorama where Taurus will have his acquaintances, with those who will always be kind and polite, and a very select group of friends who would kill for him and for whom Taurus would give everything. And they will not be friends to posture in society. They will be true friends. Do you want to know who these friends are and what Taurus is like with them?

The Taurus friend

They are loyal above all things and highly values this quality. This allows us to start by making something very clear: your friends must be very loyal people. And if not, they will be acquaintances, friends, or go to know. But never, EVER, will Taurus consider them his friends.

Taurus is slow to become intimate with people. Time is essential for them to gain spontaneity and strengthen ties. But once you trust these people, or rather, once they have earned your trust, they are going to have a Taurus for life. And what is better: his heart.

The heart of Taurus is huge and as Taurus relaxes with people, his heart gets bigger and bigger. And from there, Taurus forges strong and calm friendships. And Taurus becomes unconditional for his friends, with whom he also brings out a funny streak that others will never be able to meet.

Brilliant. And where is the bad? Because if there is not, we buy now !!! Well, there are several things. How is normal. First of all, and no matter how unconditional Taurus friends are, sometimes they find it difficult to understand their character.

For example, they know that Taurus does not like spontaneous plans or changes of plans. When that happens, Taurus messes it up. It says it doesn’t change anything and it doesn’t. Taurus wants everything to be done as usual. And if you always stay for an aperitif at the same time in the same place, what is that about meeting earlier for a walk and in that other place that is close to where the walk ends?

We also find many friends pissed off when Taurus signs up for plans but demands to go at their own pace, and that is not always possible when it comes to group things. Its adaptability is very low. And his ability to want to impose himself is very high. Result: there are usually conflicts.

And what happens sometimes as a result of these conflicts? That Taurus reaches the limit of his patience and explodes. OMG, what a situation! Those who have somewhere nearby to hide will do so. Those who are left exposed will see their hair ruffled when Taurus is messy. If you ask many Taurus friends what is the worst thing about this sign, 99% will say that their anger. They all have the last one, or the only one, engraved because after living it they have done everything possible not to have to suffer anymore.

In general, Taurus has friends of all kinds but there are some profiles that can already be worked on so that Taurus has them on his Favorites agenda: stubborn people (he already has enough with himself) fickle, impatient, bossy, nervous, controversial, irresponsible, who want to attract attention, free, rude or extravagant. And above all, those people tend to embitter their placid existence. No kidding!

Taurus flees from everything that means friendship with pressure or commitments. Get out, get out! What you need are friends and deep, stable relationships. And when he does, everyone’s mouth is full when they talk about him. The solidity of what Taurus offers as a friend, there is no god who can spoil it. Ole! And ole.

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