How Is Scorpio as a Friend?


Scorpio knows a lot of people, of course. But his friends are very few. And some of them do not even know of the real appreciation of magnetic scorpions. This sign is very yours for all intimacies. The Scorpio friend knows everything about everyone (he gets a lot just by looking, and as soon as he tries a bit, he is already a flood of knowledge about whoever you can not imagine). But Scorpio does not like to talk about what it is, what it knows, or what it feels. Total, that the first cliché we have of Scorpio as a friend is someone who feels a lot but hides it (for fear of being hurt and betrayed, we already know).

The strange thing is that still many Scorpio friends do not know that they are, nor do they imagine it. And it turns out that in the heart of Scorpio there is a great admiration, respect, and affection for them. But hey, Scorpio is like that. A mystery for many things. And a box of surprises for others. Blessed good surprises that Scorpio gives us!

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Scorpio friend, what he gives and what he expects to receive. As a friend, Scorpio is faithful, loyal, and unconditional, just like with his partners and with everyone he loves.

He can also be funny and charming but if he is, all the time you give him a little equal as a friend. And here comes the second surprise of the day. A little worse than the previous one but good in the background, although it needs an explanation. You see, Scorpio, when he feels and appreciates, he worries, and when he worries he has to get wet. And when he gets involved, the friend in question will have to know what Scorpio thinks of him, the good and the bad. And as there are things wrong, it shows in his attitude. Do you see how there was an explanation as to why Scorpios are not always charming and funny with their friends?

All this comes in handy to face the darker side of Scorpio as a friend as soon as possible. And it is his honesty the size of three football fields that leaves the friend on duty sitting telling him such a failure or such a string of failures that the other does not even shut his mouth in surprise in three days.

But we repeat, if Scorpio is involved it is because he cares about that person. His friend. And when he is sincere with a friend, it is to help him. To be clear.

Total, that Scorpio is that sincere friend who goes from being a diplomat and always lets you know what he thinks. And that after reading the previous paragraph, such a defect is not such, but it does so with good intention. Deep down it is to be appreciated, except when Scorpios do not choose the right ways or the right moment to be honest. Or when it does not take into account the way of being or the moment that the friend in question is spending. And it sinks a little bit into the shit. Scorpio, control this, there are many ways to say things!

Longtime Scorpio friends, as they know him, take on these little things of their own. Some of them even work the same and understand you perfectly. And many others, do not like so much sincerity to the beast, but it compensates them at the same time to have a Scorpio friend. Those who will not have the opportunity to know the dark side or the whitest or the entire range of the Scorpio rainbow are all those shameless, superficial, gossipy, messy, and dominant people who are not going to smell the friendship of Scorpio or because of chance.

Anyway, a little more. Know that you may have a Scorpio friend out there who appreciates you more than you can imagine (who loves you and much more). And that he hasn’t told you because the scorpion is that tight with his life. Although the closeness to his day-to-day and his person will give you details of what he feels and wants, yes, a little and with a dropper. Removing that small uncertainty that will always reign in relationships with a Scorpio (you NEVER get to know them at all), the Scorpio friend gives a lot and what he “steals” from you (his outbursts of sincerity that kill and hurt), it turns out that they are because he cares about you and wants you to react. Amazing isn’t it? (and very constructive) With Scorpio, everything is pure originality and surprise. And friendship could not be less!

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