How Is Sagittarius as a Friend?


When it comes to analyzing what friendship with Sagittarius is like (both what it offers and what it receives for it), we are going to find a very healthy type of friendship, such as the archer himself as a person. Whether with the four close and lifelong friends or with many others who have joined them over the years, Sagittarius creates very good, very rich, very sincere, and very complete friendship ties. And very balanced. The Sagittarius friend neither gives more than he receives, nor asks for less than he gives, nor covers more than he can give. Neither Sagittarius nor their friends receive less than they give. And period.

Sagittarius as a friend is fun and always encourages each meeting with one of their adventures or experiences.

He usually transmits good vibes in each group in which he moves because of his optimism and his passion for life. It also highlights their generosity in time, money, company, and advice. He tends to like him and those who seek him for whatever it is, always find him.

Of course, it is Sagittarius who dominates the margins in which each friendship takes place. If Sagittarius wants to spend a lot of time with a friend, widen this margin. If it is the opposite, reduce it. And he does it in such a subtle way that no one feels manipulated. Whoever asks for more, gives more. And who wants less, does not commit to anything and lets it go. Coincidentally, all Sagittarius friends are delighted with how Sagi handles all of this so something must be done really well.

And now it’s the negative part, of course. For those who know Sagittarius, it will be easy to find out. For the rest, we are going to make it very clear: first is his lack of tact to say things. And as it is also usually demanding and critical, there is a long issue. And he shits it long, too. The worst thing is that not only does he do it, but on top of that he tries to convince that what he does is right. Sagittarius does not accept criticism of their “critical sincerity.” That nobody has asked him but that he gives away as if they were tickets.

For Sagittarius to be like that is, to be honest. He doesn’t want to hurt, but he does. And how someone blames him, is that he does not care. He explains it (what he criticizes for honesty and sincerity) in case he wants to understand it, but if not, goodbye. He doesn’t think he did anything wrong, period. And there we have the archer with the body of a horse being as stubborn as a mule so as not to recognize what he does not want.
Sagittarius’ second flaw is due to his rejection of commitments, which causes him to clash with friends a lot. He does not like to go where he does not feel like going, and he does not go. And as someone wants to convince you with arguments, you are wasting your time in an irremediable way.

Sagittarius has optimism and positivity to give away but does not feel like approaching something in a positive way if it is something that he does not want to do. You don’t feel like fooling yourself. And there is not more to talk about. And if you have no choice but to go where you do not want to go, the bundle for sure. The antics and victimizes are too much for him.

And a little more. Apart from this for the ugly little things, Sagi is a friend who generally enjoys, and who enjoys, even more, when he is comfortable. Their presence generates a wave that makes the environment special. With adventurous and freedom-loving friends he is happy. From others they learn, with others he loves to talk and feel heard.

In general, it has its preferences according to the character of people, but Sagittarius adapts well to everyone: not much with those who get along better and not a little with those who worst. He sees it and knows how to manage it. And he knows so much to be intimate with one or two people who are usually his soul friends to have several groups and be someone essential in them. Come on, in this friendship thing, Sagi approves with flying colors. Maybe he can be caught in other things, but there is nothing to do here. Our Sagi is a good friend.

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