How Is Pisces as a Friend?


As you continue reading you will see that our dear friend Pisces there are few things to throw in his face as a friend. And, there are so many reasons to love him as a friend, that the bad in him, it is even hard to see him as really bad. But let’s go for it and you decide. The Pisces friend is discreet. It is one of those who look for you when they need you but do it in a subtle way, with hardly any noise (especially because if you say NO, it will prevent too many people from hearing it).

On the contrary, if you are the one who needs Pisces, where he will be squarely waiting for orders to give you everything. And also delighted, which makes others ask for favors very calmly. And very assiduously. Come on, they take advantage of a little Pisces. But that happens with Pisces in friendship, love, work, and family. Again someone sensitive is taken for easy and simple. Although we are going to remember, once again, that the strength of Pisces is precisely that: when many believe that it will fall, Pisces arrives and survives, it becomes strong, and also, it serves to use it for its benefit.

When many believe that they do not know anything, Pisces arrives and makes it clear that it is taking everything.

When many believe that Pisces is lost, the fish appears and shows that they know well where it is. Despite these surprises that you can give to others, your transparency is enormous, but the problem is that sometimes you forget everything you can do and only remember it when you are on the edge of any cliff.

But let’s get back to friendship. On a daily basis, the Pisces friend is kind, loyal, humble, and helpful to his friends. What he does best is listen to them, but if you have to act as a squire for some crazy plan, Pisces also lends itself. And when he brings out his humorous streak, he is the lifeblood of any gathering. Although for that he has to be very very comfortable and with very trustworthy friends.

For their friends, Pisces confronts, understands, encourages, and captures what happens to them like no one else. Pisces is great emotional support for their own. And a balance point for some more daring friends who lose momentum and are too strong characters. From his Pisces friends, he expects companionship and understanding. He likes to be carried away by them, and also that they defend him from the most aggressive people, from people who want to hurt him.

As a little defect (although it is coincidentally a defect that the one who suffers the most is Pisces himself), we have his way of idealizing friendship. And he does it like when he falls in love. Close ties with a friend and already see him going through hardships, having adventures, and seeing himself at the head of his bed when he takes his last breath. Instead of living in the moment and being more realistic. Pisces feeds on dreams. You give a lot, sometimes without looking at what you are receiving.

And when disappointments come (often, because Pisces gets excited for minutes with people), the fish returns to being that discreet friend who does not want to attract attention or bother anyone by venting about what has happened to him. And in his isolation, he laments for having idealized that person. It also collapses because deep down Pisces thinks that idealizing people is not so bad. And that seeing only the good in someone helps you to be better. How misunderstood you feel then!

Luckily, among all Pisces friends, there is more than one who knows well what it is to offer your heart and have it broken, and with friends like that, Pisces will find pampering and support in the dramas of their life.

For others, Pisces is the reassuring friend who has the right words to calm anyone down, or rather, the right attitude because Pisces is of few words and great deeds. And above all, he is a little selfish friend, which is enough in the times we live in. Envy is what many of the Pisces friends have because he knows how to get along with everyone and because he puts his heart into everything he does!

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