How Is Marriage for You According to Your Zodiac Sign?


Marriage is for many a dream come true, while for others it is the biggest mistake that can be made. In addition to education and character, the date we were born also determines part of our beliefs. Let’s look at marriage according to your Zodiac sign and tell us if we are right…


Aries to you the idea of getting married only goes through your head when you are very much in love, that is, at the beginning of the relationship and while it has the intensity you need. If after this time the relationship becomes routine then yes that neither crazy thing passes the idea of marriage through your head ... To keep you or what is even stronger, to get married it is necessary that, like you, your partner knows how to keep the emotion and the spark burning. Deep down, Aries, you are a little afraid of commitment and that is why you will only take this step when the person who is with you shows you that yours can work ... And well what do you do!


Taurus, if your relationship goes from strength to strength you will surely want to give way to that commitment that marriage entails. For you it is very important to achieve stability in all aspects of life and therefore if you find that person who complements you you will not hesitate to give the yes I want as appropriate. Now, if the relationship does not go as you would like or if your intuition tells you that maybe it is not the person for you, you will most likely refuse outright if your partner proposes it ... Which is still a disappointment for that person.

Marriage according to your sign is like this, because that’s how you are Taurus,you will only take that step when you are completely sure that you are with the love of your life…


Gemini you got married, you shit her… that’s your motto (even if you’ve already married). This whole story of marriage does not convince you at all and not because you do not believe in lasting relationships, but because you consider that getting married does not change anything between two people. It must also be said that all the paraphernalia of the ceremony catches your attention and excites you but on the other hand you are not convinced by anything. It’s strange because it’s like a want but no.

If your partner has a desire to marry you, the best thing to do is to attack your intellectual side so that together you can find in marriage the best solution for both. Especially when there are children… and so and so you might not agree, unless you get caught in a moment of madness of yours. So maybe it is. What do you say?


Cancer,your romantic and sensitive side will most likely make you think of the idea of getting married as something totally natural. In this sense and with the greatest of respects you are quite old-fashioned, and deep down you do not conceive a lasting relationship without going through the vicarage. You long to have a stable partner with whom you can form a beautiful family and that is why when you commit to a relationship you do it thinking that sooner or later the marriage will come… And you will give the yes I want happier than anything. We’ll see later what happens. Marriage according to your sign is like this. Long live the bride and groom!


You Leo like a party more than anyone else and therefore marriage is an opportunity to have fun ... But not in any way no, in your own way! What does this mean? Leo means that when you say yes I want you do it for everything big, how the occasion deserves. You don’t get married every day and you want to remember that moment as one of the happiest of your life. In addition, you will proudly present your husband or wife in front of everyone you want to witness your ceremony.

Leo, marriage is for you like a dream of those that you took to bed when you were little, the opportunity to make it come true will fill you with total satisfaction ... At least that day. This is how you see marriage according to your sign. No more, no less.


Virgo, we know that marriage is for you a real contradiction, on the one hand you love the idea of being with the same person all your life, and on the other you are terrified to think that you may not choose the right person to take such an important step. Whoever loves you will have to have a little patience in this regard. And above all, make sure that he loves you until you feel that the time has come for the yes I want. You will be a good husband or a good woman because despite indecision you firmly believe in love and faithfulness. May you be very happy!


Libra you deep down like life as a couple but it is not that you need it like the air you breathe. Marriage is for you an act with which the relationship is further consolidated. A little bit more. You are not one of those who marry on impulse, but after a while you will not mind the fact of publicly formalizing your relationship. You want a love for life, it is that romantic vein that you have that makes you see in marriage an opportunity to live one of the moments of greatest intensity in the couple.

When you say yes I do, you will do it surrounded by the closest people and in a celebration that will stand out for your elegance and good taste… This is marriage according to your sign.


Today yes, not today. Today I want to get married, tomorrow to separate. Scorpio we know that the idea of marriage when you are in love pleases you, but from there to take it to heart either. To take this big step you have to be with a person who knows how to maintain sensuality and passion at all times.

You are a sign that cares a lot about skin-to-skin contact. And if your partner offers you great moments in this field, the safest thing is that you give the yes I want with your eyes closed… what happens next is up to you. Are you willing to get married?


Sagittarius you have a very adventurous, but also very traditional, view of life. For this reason you respond to marriage as something sacred that should be carried out only when you are sure to be with the right person. Now, you know the theory perfectly, but in practice if someone comes into your life who touches your little heart to the point of making you go crazy with love.

Maybe on impulse you give the yes I want in advance. You, Sagittarius, believe in the foundations of marriage like no other sign and that is why you will give the yes I want convinced that it is the right thing to do. Good luck with marital life! This is marriage according to your sign.


You, Capricorn love the fact that you can formalize your relationship through marriage because if you get here it will be a sign that the relationship can be lasting and even infinite. Now, to take this great step you will need to first make sure how much your partner loves you and if he will be faithful for ever and ever… if not, nanai. For you it is very important to be sure that your partner will not fail you now or ever.

As a good lover of commitment, you will marry when you are sure to be with the right person. If you say yes I want it will be to share everything you are and what you have with your partner. You are the only Capricorn!


For you the word marriage is synonymous with imprisonment. Aquarius you have in your head that if you get married you will never be the same person again. You love your freedom so much that you’re horrified to think they can “hunt you down” or something like that, so chances are if your partner talks about marriage you’ll go off on a tangent. To get to say yes I want you have to be very sure that they will respect your individual space and encourage you with a surprise that leads you to commit such madness. This is how you see marriage according to your sign.

If you fall in love with someone who is made to suit you, you may have a lasting marriage where there will be no disrespect, space or understanding ... not bad eh!


Pisces you will only marry those who love you, but also love your family and friends. Your environment is the most important thing for you and even if you are one of the most in love signs you will need whoever shares your life to be willing to spend time with your family. You will not be one of those looking for an individual space because you want to share everything with your partner. But if you will be one of those who want to go with the couple to share with other people ideas, dreams and ultimately good times.

You will say yes I want when you are sure that in your commitment there is a clause that speaks of the importance of family and friends ... only then will you get married!

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