How Is Libra as a Friend?


The Libra friend is sociable and the one who is sociable gets many people in and out of his life. In what capacity? That is what we are going to see now. Libra moves around a lot, spreading smiles, comments, and her phone number everywhere along the way. He has a charm that makes it very easy for him to relate and increase his schedule. He has a conversation to make himself known and to be able to know more about others. She loves meeting people and is especially good at it. Talking is great and it goes a long way toward building relationships. Not in vain was he born sociable, and the years have given him an experience in his essence that he has developed like no one else.

If up to now you are all thinking that then Libra will have many friends, you are right. But now it’s time to determine if those friends are real. Well no, because those whom Libra considers true friends are not all those. His circle, where he is comfortable, is much smaller. But much much more.

Libra gets along well with everyone but from there he draws those he considers to be his real friends. Or in other words, those who choose him over other people. And Libra corresponds. Because there is something that should also be clear now: that Libra gets carried away.

In that group of true Libra friends, there are all kinds of people. Because it adapts well to the way of being of your friends. Although it is true that he is more comfortable with those who are good conversationalists, like him or her; with those who are of his aesthetic roll; with those who have plenty of coconut and imagination; or with those who help you with lots of good advice. With less outgoing and unsociable friends and making a lot of plans, Libra also gets along well. Well, Libra gets along with everyone.

He doesn’t have unpleasant friends because Libra is very strict about it, but if he has one like that because he has sneaked in, he magically resolves the differences with him. Just like the rises of some friends, who do not like but who weathered wonderfully. If you are sure, Libra jumps into the ring and fights very well. If not, he is silent and cares little if they think he has given in.

At the end of all Libra will be that comfortable friend. But not comfortable doing nothing, but comfortable as an armchair. Everyone wants to sit on it. It is easy, its conversations are very stimulating, it welcomes friends of friends very well, it puts charm and diplomacy when there are tensions in the group, it combines a sense of humor and irony to perfection to liven up some meetings, it generates good vibes and it knows how to have details.

And the bad. Well, there is, of course, there is. Libra always wants to look good and sometimes because of looking good with some friends, he annoys her with others. He does not know how to position himself. And sometimes you lose your objectivity. Besides “it looks good”, there are also those who accuse him of being fickle or frivolous. But come on, we’ve had to get this criticism almost with torture from Libra’s friends.

Everyone appreciates him and few speak ill of him. And it is that Libra is a person who puts up with the defects of others quite a bit; try that yours do not affect people, and if you do, ask a thousand pardons. And even if there are friends who bore him or do something that they don’t like, he shuts it up. Nothing seems serious enough to mess it up. What was said? Libra is a very very comfortable friend.

And if it ever explodes, it has such a fine way of doing it that it doesn’t offend anyone. He makes himself understood and everyone ends up understanding him. Many times, he is even agreed even though he is not. It is what has to be so easy for everything that the rest sometimes confuse the easy with the simple, and the simple with the unimportant. Libra is a good friend ... Really ...

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