How Is Leo as a Friend?


Knowing what Leo is like with friends and what others value the lion in friendship is quite easy. Because Leo’s friend is very sociable, he is good at relationships, he is sincere when he does not like something and above all, he is very very generous. His cheerful and outgoing, affectionate, and playful character helps him in all this. All this is very good to have a well-stocked agenda. But Leo who really cares is not a bunch of acquaintances but his group of real friends. Who adores him. Literally.

If one of the virtues that stand out most in Leo is his generosity, with his friends this generosity is not only with material things. He gives his Leo friends the time, interest to listen to their problems, and his leadership skills to organize plans and to see that everything goes well in any meeting or vacation trip. The latter is also done because his dominant vein comes out but coincidentally, everyone is delighted when Leo takes care of everything. There must be a reason!

And why is it complicated? Well, because friendship implies relations of equality. And Leo sometimes doesn’t really know what it is like to be the king of the jungle but has to function (with friends) as if he were one more. So it does get a bit of a mess for us. The Leo friend is used to handling his relationships as a couple or family very well where he gives everything in exchange for being in control (and where everyone is delighted because he does it to death), but with some friends, it is not always the same.

In friendship relationships, Leo wants to function the same as in his other relationships but finds that the rules are a little different.

Leo also runs into some little trouble with some friends who do not feel as loved or valued by Leo as they would like. Although here we believe that they are in error. Leo loves his friends and values them. But sometimes he has a certain haughtiness and pride of race and that is misunderstood as a feeling of superiority that is not real. Anecdotally, misunderstandings come to nothing, everything is solved and friends are still there for Leo and Leo is still there for his friends.

Leo’s friends can be people of great character, how could it be otherwise, with whom Leo fights and argues, but with whom he finds many points in common to do everything he likes. Or they can be calmer people, who like to be carried around, handled. And with the lion that is very easy because Leo adopts them quickly and does whatever it takes for them.

The friend Leo strengthens ties with very affectionate people, and with them he lets himself be carried away and pampered (but they have to be pampered in a big way), bringing out that part of him that is less fierce but very feline, like a kitten. With whom we will be shocked to see Leo is with people who do not show him admiration in some way, with people who are too deep, with people who put hits on everything, who are more dominant than him, with whom he has to work hard to make them things work or have a very loose tongue.

To sum it all up, the truth is that with Leo nobility is his best asset. Although he sometimes gets a little vain or conceited with friends, what is always above all is his big heart.

Those who know how to get there and are his friends should not worry about his hair blows and his four roars. That’s all for attention. Leo can’t help it. And they are the forms. What counts deep down is that Leo is the king of the jungle but he will always put the jungle at the feet of his best friends.

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