How Is Gemini as a Friend?


To find out what Gemini is like as a friend, the first thing we are going to do is find out what Gemini is like in general. And with that, we will have advanced a lot because Geminis is a social animal, and knowing this will help us focus on how deep the ties it establishes with so many people.

The Gemini friend

They are versatile, very changeable and a lover of variety. This means that he moves a lot socially, makes friends with all kinds of people, alternates ties with each one, and does not focus on anyone too much. For Geminis, everyone is their “friend” if necessary.

It has the facility to access many circles, to adapt to them, and to be intimate with all living creatures. If you add to that your intelligence, ingenuity, vitality, and liveliness in thought and action, you will not miss out on friends in quantity.

What would be the problem then? That Geminis ends up getting bored with everyone and that everyone ends up getting tired of the superficiality of Geminis as a friend. Because we have talked about how easy it is to make friends in quantity. But what about quality? Gemini is not constant and to have good friends you have to be constant. Being for the hard and the mature. And Gemini will be or will not be, depending on what you give. Either it will be a lot of it will be at times. But you never know. Between being easily bored and always had plenty of plans and people, it is difficult for our twins to focus. And look how many times they try. But they also get bored of trying.

Because of their mood swings, Geminis are also often unstable friends, albeit only in attitude. Gemini always responds as a friend, although it is true that if their mood is not the best, they withdraw and disappear. But let no one accuse you of failing or betraying. You just need to regain your good temper. And he will be the good old friend again as soon as he is animated again.

In short, with Geminis, it can be said that their expertise is in the facility to enter groups, but also to get out of them. To become a friend and live a very intense time with him, and to get out of that relationship and never look back at any time.

Of course, Geminis may have many acquaintances, but those he considers true friends are people who follow him in his movement or at least, who respect him. That they give him a lot (really, Geminis need good conversation and the exchange of sensations like the air they breathe), that recharge his already innate optimism, give him solutions, are more stable than he and have a sense of humor.

Gemini is a curious and intelligent sign and that makes it very demanding with those who want to be its friends. In return, Geminis offers them enthusiasm, vitality, entertainment, good advice, a sense of humor, and affection. Geminis never bore anyone, never (often a contradiction to how easily he gets bored).

And who doesn’t Geminis want as friends or in paint? To those who are not open-minded, are not to talk, or sign up for new plans, or are sociable, or flexible; those who want to suck their good vibes or those who live off the drama, and of course, the stubborn.

In general, Geminis do not have problems with friendship. He does not lack people around him, there is always someone to do something he wants. And even if he gets bored at times and wanders off a bit, it never really happens. Others never know exactly what you feel because when they look for you, you are always there. And above all, Gemini never fails as an antidote to the most depressed friends. Is that being the case, who among them is going to care that he goes from here to there dividing himself in so many circles if, at the moment of truth, his Gemini does not fail him? How can they not forgive him for some frivolity, some out-of-tune words, or little listening with dramas if when they really need him Gemini flies by his side?

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