How is capricorn at its best and worst?


Like everyone else, Capricorn, you also have your pluses and minuses. No matter how much you always try to stay strong, there are times when you cannot avoid falling into the negative. Capri, admit it, you have your good moments and your not so good moments ...

At your best, you are the strongest and most willed person on planet earth. You have things very clear and you know that you are not going to stop until you reach your goal. You set very high goals, but you know that sooner or later, you will achieve them. You know how to keep your balance at all times and you know how to find time for everything.

At your best, you are a feisty person, who won’t shut up when you see something you don’t like. Still, you have your character, but you use it for positive things, to achieve what you have proposed. Also, on your best days you are a super loving and very close person, especially with your family. When you are comfortable, you want to feel loved and also love others.

At your worst, you bring to light that stubbornness that characterizes you so much. But this time, it becomes toxic and dangerous. You prioritize success above anything else and if you fail to achieve it, you punish yourself and torture yourself. You neglect any relationship and ignore anything that has nothing to do with what you have proposed. And worst of all, you don’t ask for help because you associate it with weak people. You are left alone dealing with your hard and cold mind. In addition, you enter a loop of negative thoughts from which it is very difficult to get out.

You are very proud and it is difficult for you to recognize things, Capricorn, and when you are at your worst you cannot be told anything because you bring out your most dangerous character. You are so pessimistic when you are bad that it takes a lot to get out of that darkness, but when you finally get it, you realize how strong and powerful you are.

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