How Is Capricorn as a Friend?


When it comes time to know what Capricorn is like in friendship and what his friends value him, we find ourselves once again with that reality a thousand times repeated in this sign. That the goat pulls into the mountains, and that the Capri is someone who is not very frivolous, very concerned about fulfilling his obligations, and with very clear objectives of progressing in life. And to do things well (or very well, rather). The Capricorn friend is a solid, committed, realistic, practical person with very firm principles. All this counts for a lot to know how he relates, with whom and how he approaches friendship. Capri’s path in life is very well defined. And it will not be in a friendship where you hesitate or move a tightrope.

We could say that Capricorn has two types of groups of friends. A fixed reduced one, formed over the years and where there is little movement in and out.

These are childhood friends or friends who come from the family environment. And another with more movement made up of friends closely related to their work or study environment.

The latter is made up of work colleagues or fellow students with whom you have a lot of daily contact and similar common interests and topics of conversation. With them, it is given in more quantity than in quality. He respects them, is at ease, and offers them all his time. They are bound to be bound by a similar ambition, a strong determination to take on tasks and do them well.

And this group, although a priori it will seem that it is the most important in your life, it will not be like that. He respects these Capricorn friends and sees in them some allies for his interests. But he doesn’t want them. Or at least, not like the others. With whom there is the affection of the good, of the deep. Quality.

With the few lifelong friends, the relationship is practically indestructible. Capri doesn’t have to see them much. They are always there for him and he is always there for them. As the goat is very reserved, he does not go too far into saying how he feels about them. But we know that these are bonds of trust that the years do not break, in any case, they reinforce.

Capricorn needs to trust people, otherwise, there is nothing to do. And with these friends, it is like that. From there, he offers them all his loyalty, commitment, and affection.

At this point, we would have to tell you the most negative part of Capricorn as a friend. There isn’t. What have you been left with your mouth open? Well, there is an explanation. It is not that Capricorn is perfect as a friend, it is that he is tough as a friend. Just like he’s hard at work, hard as a couple, and hard from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed. And since he never makes it easy, and it’s always hard to relate to him because he’s so strict, that’s the downside really.

With Capricorn, the worst comes first and then the best. For example, Capri is always found a bit unapproachable, serious, and moody. And you get used to it. And when he’s charming, you jump for joy and don’t want to be separated from him. Or as he always says that he does not sign up for any plan, that he is busy, when he says that if he goes, everyone jumps for joy that he signs up and they can enjoy him.

With Capricorn, it is also very easy to know who will never be your friends. Three-quarters of humanity. Capricorn is very selective and the filter is not even close to some people who he has well-drawn: frivolous people, with weak values, disrespectful, victims of their emotions, totally uncontrolled, fickle, informal, noisy, and arrogant.

Only a select few who are patient, who value him good and bad, and see his heart through his armor of stone and iron can be counted among his friends. Capricorn’s emotional world is Ali Baba’s treasure. Those who find him will be those privileged ones to whom Capri will not tell in words everything they mean to him. But it is a lot and it is for life.

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