How Is Aries as a Friend?


Aries moves among friends like a fish in water. And it does it in a big way, unfolding among them in quantity and quality. Their vitality, ease of conversation, and optimism mean that this sign has no problem meeting people and bonding quickly. Aries is affectionate and friendship feeds him a lot in this emotional part. Among friends, Aries is delighted. He likes people, he likes meeting new people and with friends, he is truly generous and loyal. The Aries friend is open, joking, and funny, and as a leader, he has a facility to promote plans and have the rest follow him. And to enthuse with their optimism those who are leveraged or are going through a time of low spirits.

Aries has many friends and with them, he brings out the most charming part of his whole being. He gives all of them his help and energy, and fight for them with whoever is necessary.

Well, everything is good! We have a perfect Aries as a friend. Well no. Nobody is perfect. That to begin with. And Aries as a friend has its little things, to call them in some way. Do you want to know what they are?
Let’s see. First of all, we have your lack of patience. That no matter how much you want to control it, our ram ends up coming out sooner or later. And with whom better than with friends, with whom you spend a lot of time and also have confidence? Zach!

In arguments, Aries sins of being too upset. And if he ends up getting very upset, he says everything he thinks. That filter that makes the rest of us hold back from “saying everything, everything, everything”, some Aries do not smell it in their entire lives. And as the fury Ariana is adorned with irony and sarcasm, we already have a mess between Aries and his friends. And is that Aries has a way of saying things that ole and ole. And also, it loosens them and it stays so wide. Nothing to shut up when you sense that you are screwing up. Any. Headfirst to the bottom. Some are silent but not because they agree. They don’t know what to say. Between blocking and pissing off, they can’t wait to answer him or say four things. Poor Aries! Because on top of that he is surprised. What has he done wrong?

Aries’s regret for spending time with friends always comes later. Think before you act, NEVER! (With age, this failure fades). Of course, when you see the error or someone who knows you well shows it to you, you do not have time to ask for forgiveness. But you have to see it clearly, if not, what a pride our friend Aries spends! And stubbornness. Although we repeat, the same as all the outbursts come quickly, they go the same. And here nothing has happened!

Aries is also a very dominant sign. And that, there are friends who do not take it very well (and who coincidentally are not from other Fire signs -Leo and Sagittarius-). His element companions also have a lot of character and are bossy, but they unite so many things with Aries that when he gets very bossy, they stop him and that’s it. Or four voices are raised from beast to beast but quickly forget about the altercation. Worse, other signs are also strong and bossy, such as Scorpio and Capricorn. These signs make you laugh a little thank you and make your feet stand up a lot. Other people who do not understand your spontaneity, criticize you without reason or hurt you gratuitously, will not end up being your soulmates either.

For this reason, good friends of Aries are usually patient people, strong in character but not quick-tempered, because they have to serve to “tame” them, not to alter them further. They understand their childish side and they know how to pamper and welcome them when they return from so many wars all bruised and looking for a hug.

The Aries friend

They are loyal and values that quality, just as he values good sense and stability. Aries friends know how to appreciate their strengths over their weaknesses. Those who know him best pull away a bit when he’s angry, but they’re always there again by the time Aries has thrown all the fire inside him.

The same sincerity that gives so many problems, helps Aries to establish very open and sincere relationships with his friends, where problems are solved quickly because Aries does not let them become large and disproportionate. Aries goes head-on and in a friendship that sometimes works very well. And the same impulsiveness with which he shits it sometimes, he has it to apologize, hug his loved ones and offer himself for whatever it takes. And offer really, really good and with all your heart!

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