How Is Aquarius as a Friend?


To know what the Aquarius friend is like in friendship, one must make something clear: that Aquarius does not lack friends but that Aquarius goes alone through life. There is not an equal case of someone who is part of so many groups but does not feel part of any or feels part of all equally. The friendship for Aquarius is pure life, but not focused on the plan “sincere friendship with his best friends of all life.” No. Aquarius has many friends and generates many exchanges with everyone. But let the air run.

If we analyze Aquarius in a group, it is that person who participates, smiles a lot, and is welcoming to everyone. He has funny anecdotes to tell, he knows everything, he expresses himself well, he never bores anyone, he always brings something new, he has many concerns and his mind is his best business card.

In friendship, the Aquarius friend is that person who picks up childhood friends, incorporates new ones from studies, work, acquaintances from practicing some hobbies, from travel ...

Its core is huge and there are people of all kinds. He likes meeting people and having friends everywhere. Aquarius does not fault anyone. Or put them all on. This means that everything is worth to him and that since he goes on his own, all his friends have something to contribute to him but he never lets anyone take anything away from him.

With whom he is well, Aquarius will be that valuable and interesting friend. Perhaps not the most affectionate, but the one who always gives something: advice, ideas, experiences, experiences ... Also good listening and understanding. Aquarius does not judge, and that is appreciated. Aquarius surprises and also like to be surprised.

As he is the weirdo of all groups, he allows himself to exploit that sanbenito that has been hanged to him to go back and forth between his groups of friends without anyone telling him anything. And if they think something about him and comment on it from behind, he doesn’t care. Aquarius does what he wants and tries not to screw anyone. And that’s not bad, is it? Well, there they all stay talking to talk because Aquarius goes through life with a clear conscience.

And never fails at anything? Yes of course. Nobody is perfect, and Aquarius less, although he is somewhat close to the outstanding because he is very respectful and that helps a lot to relate well and not have problems. But yes, Aquarius sins of not committing much (he sees it as not letting himself be monopolized), and his friends do not take it very well. He is also criticized by those who are very attached or those more stable in his life and in his thoughts who do not see well that Aquarius is always so extravagant, so unpredictable and so disconcerting. And let’s not say the compliant and fixed habits that twist their noses every time Aquarius does one of his own by not presenting himself to a plan or introducing himself when he had said he did not intend to go.

Others who are similar or understand him, take everything from Aquarius and if he comes and goes, then nothing happens. When he’s around, he’s a delight to talk and laugh with, so what difference does it make that he’s not always there waiting for someone to need him? Aquarius is more practical than all that.

Then he has other friends who, without dying for him, respect and appreciate him very much for his way of being, for his seriousness in some situations, for his good conversation, and for his sense of justice. And that Aquarius likes. And it makes you create special bonds with these people. Emotions and dramas do not go with Aquarius but the feeling of appreciation seems simple and pure. Free from nonsense.

We left Aquarius with his two thousand best friends. And with them, he will share some of his time, not all, but enough to show that he is there. Aquarius has many things to do and experiences to live and does not want ties that he cannot control. It is given but with reservations. But it is given, and those who appreciate it feel rewarded. There must be a reason.

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