How Envious Are the Signs of the Zodiac?


Envy is a feeling of sadness and anger brought on by the feeling of not having what another person possesses. They can be material goods or even personal characteristics. Everyone at some point in our lives can experience this feeling to a greater or lesser extent. But that’s where we can differentiate what we call healthy envy from insane envy. Healthy envy can even serve as a stimulant to propose certain things, it can even resemble admiration. But when this goes out of the ordinary and becomes a harmful feeling you must work on it to cure the insane envy. In the zodiac, each sign shows its positive and negative way of experiencing this very natural feeling from which we can all free ourselves. Next, we’re going to look at envy in the zodiac signs, how they process this feeling, and what things they want. Want to know more?


As fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the most passionate of the zodiac and therefore see life from a somewhat different perspective from the rest. We can say that they are the most ambitious and perhaps that is why at some point in their lives they may be envious of those who possess what they desire with all their strength. Now, on the contrary, they are not at all greedy, and moreover, they do not get more possessions and riches because their generosity makes them give to others everything they have.

These signs are always looking for something new, something that allows them to improve their quality of life and that of their own. They aspire to power and recognition of their talents to the point of becoming obsessive about what they want to achieve… They are saved by the positive attitude and optimism that they show almost always, when they do not achieve the purposes they give up, but not for long because the fire signs have a brutal force that always makes them replenish ...


These natives are the most intellectual of the zodiac and therefore see reality from a rather particular point of view. Unconventional, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius want to learn and experiment through people and human relationships. As they are very creative and hate routine they seek to have fun with everything they do, so if something they envy or more than envy they long for is to always be able to be themselves in any circumstance or situation.

Air signs get depressed and mistakenly compare with others because for them there is no worse obsession than knowing they are smart and not being able to get what they want. Sometimes they can become quite critical, but in their favor, they will have that special way of relating to others from whom they will also be willing to learn as much as they can… Well done!


The water signs are the most emotional of the zodiac, they are carried away by their heart at all times and hence they are effective and sensitive ... Although they do not give the appearance of it, they are also ambitious people who when they propose certain objectives or projects do not stop until they achieve the desired results. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces like fantasy and illusion, as well as giving their own the protection and warmth they consider they need, these individuals mix sensitivity with amazing strength.

If something can envy these signs is a good job, the talent of someone who stands out, the ideal partner or anything important to them that they consider not having achieved ... Eye!, to reach this feeling before they must feel frustration or a very great internal pain that makes them see everything in a pessimistic and negative way towards others and towards themselves. The signs belonging to the water sign should work this aspect to achieve feeling satisfied by what they are more than what they have. Watch out for the data!


Earth signs are the most rational and stable of the zodiac. When they pursue a goal they do so from a simple point of view and are no less intelligent or profitable when it comes to business. A cozy home, a good job, and being surrounded by the people who love them and they love is the greatest desire of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These are really the objectives of these three signs, money to be able to cover needs and some other whim, love to feel stable on an emotional level, and friends to be able to share well. And also why not, bad times.

Their ambitions are always of a material nature, which is why they sometimes envy the results of others. At the end of the day, comfort, free time, and being able to live quietly are what they want most. When they don’t achieve their goals they become apathetic and somewhat cold. Fortunately, the strength and perseverance that characterizes them make them react in time and they realize that they can easily achieve what they set out to do… thank goodness!

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