How does your zodiac sign feel about love?


Not all signs feel love in the same way, some manifest it in one way, others in a very different way, and although the end is the same and everyone can love a lot, each one has his or her style for doing it. Here we show you how each of the zodiac signs feel love:


When Aries falls in love, he always goes straight ahead and says what he wants. He is a very direct person and will always tell you what he feels, it is not to hide his feelings. If that “special” person really likes excitement and excitement, it can be continuous in Aries. For Aries to feel 100% love, you must always say yes, but never let him think that everything is done, because otherwise he will get bored. In your life you have to have some intrigue to awaken that daily desire. In exchange for all this, a love relationship with Aries will never be boring, and it will always dig you, leaving its mark.


Taurus feels love in a sensual way. To him / her everything that enters through the senses, goes directly to the heart and sometimes even stays there for a long time. He is a person who likes eye contact, with the skin, smells and harmony in every moment that he lives with that special person. It is something that makes you feel alive and you are not willing to stop feeling it. In addition, Taurus has the ability to make the other person feel very special, so special that a special bond will be created for a lifetime.


Gemini feels love in a special way, they know very well how they have to treat the other person so that they feel the same as him / her. It surrounds you with everything it tells you, it has many adventures to share and when Gemini enters the world of love, it takes that special person by the hand and takes her to the end of the world if necessary. He is a person whose love relationships are very active, when Gemini is in love, he does not stop for a single minute. He is a very independent person, but when he truly falls in love, he does everything possible to make that relationship last for a lifetime.


Cancer is a person who falls in love very easily, that is why he feels love in a very comfortable way. It is a world to which you are used to, you know that sooner or later you will end up falling in love, so, you are not one of those people who are in a constant search. He / she prefers to wait, because he / she knows that it is the best thing to live the experience of love with much more intensity, with many more feelings. Cancer is a little afraid of love because they have hurt her a lot throughout her life, but she will never stop falling in love again and again ...


Leo feels love in a very energetic way. When love enters your heart, your life is filled with joy. He loves to be in love, no matter how long it has been since the last time he fell in love, because Leo, every time he falls in love, he feels everything as if it were the first time. He is a person who wants to or not will always be linked to love, he has many people around him who admire him and that makes them want to conquer him and no matter how strong Leo is, in the end he always ends up falling into someone’s arms. He does not mind recognizing them because he is happy being that way. In addition, he is a very generous person, he always wants the other person to be happy and he will do everything in his power to make it so.


Virgo is a somewhat strict person and many times in the continuous order that he has in his life there is no room for love. When love comes into your life it messes it up completely. He / she is a person who gets too upset when things don’t go his / her way. He feels love in a very strange way, because he is delighted with all the sensations he is experiencing, but at the same time he does not like at all to know that his whole life can fall apart due to the irresponsibility of letting himself be carried away by the heart. This situation bothers him a lot, but deep down Virgo is very happy, he loves to be in love and he loves all those sensations that have been awakened inside him.


Libra in the world of love contradicts itself a lot. He is a person who throughout his life is in search of that person who makes him feel special, but when he appears he runs away ... He turns many times to prevent feelings from invading his heart. He is a person who unfortunately always has to think twice. This makes him not enjoy love as he should, he is a very insecure person and this affects him a lot. Libra should open up more and stop being silly because he can let the love of his life pass. Anyway ... thank goodness Libra always makes him want to be loved at the end ...


Scorpio takes love as a game of seduction. Everything he does is worth seeing, he is a professional in that of conquering someone. He is a person who loves to feel that game that is created between him / her and that special person. That complicity that only exists between them is something he loves. When he falls in love, he brings out his most sexy and interesting side, he wants the other person to be shocked so that he / she remembers him / her for life. Scorpio feels love in a very spicy way, he knows that he is unique in this, but he loves to be that playful.


Sagittarius to truly fall in love you need to feel that you can fully trust the other person. You need to know before you commit that you are going to have your space. She is a very independent person, yes, but when Sagi falls in love she seems like another person. He gives everything for that special person, he feels things that he had never felt before. Feel love as a new adventure to enter and Sagi loves that. It takes a lot for him to really fall in love, but when he does, all he needs to stop moving forward is to trust the other person even with his eyes closed.


With Capricorn in the world of love you have to have a lot of patience. He is an unpredictable person in this area of life and you never know how he is going to approach love. Sometimes you will be completely in love and will see that special person as the best option, but there will be times that you will distrust that special person too much. It is normal that he can become suspicious, we all do it at some point in our lives, but Capri does it for no reason and that makes the magic end. Capri and love do not get along very well worse good, he / she knows it and does not care much, he prefers to be alone than in bad company.


Aquarius is a very social and very free person. He is always moving from one place to another, among all the people who love him enjoying the moment. When love comes to Aquarius life, his inner world is transformed, he will feel many things inside, things that he had never felt before. But Aquarius, they will behave in a frivolous way, they will want to pretend that they have already experienced this, because they feel that this way they will not take advantage of him / her. He is a very suspicious person and prefers to give that image to open himself completely to that special person. Aquarius feels love in a cold and distant way.


Pisces will always feel love tenderly. He is a very sensitive and emotional person, but he is not weak at all. Feel love in a very tender way, feel the need to hug, kiss and caress that special person 24 hours a day. He is a very romantic person and has always wanted love to be present in his life. When love comes into the life of Pisces, this / a welcomes you with open arms. Of course, you have to feel that love is reciprocal because otherwise it will send everything to shit, Pisces is very good, but it does not have a fool’s hair to see if it becomes clear ...

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