How does virgo act when they fall in love?


You are very demanding, Virgo, and that is why people know that you would rather be alone than settle for anything. Love for you is like a challenge, because in addition to your perfectionist side, you also tend to have a little fear and reluctance to express your emotions and confess your feelings. But when you least expect it, Virgo, in that moment when you are more relaxed and less looking for it, you find love and everything, absolutely EVERYTHING your world changes. You, who are very reluctant to change, finally end up falling into temptation and let yourself be carried away by love.

When you fall in love, Virgo, you realize that in your mind there is a very special place for that person. There are no longer only things related to your job or your responsibilities, now there are also things related to another person. It is not only your potential that you are thinking about, or their defects, but that you are thinking about how important it is for you to have that person in your life.

When your heart is stolen, Virgo, you learn to accept that person and to be tolerant of all their flaws and imperfections.
The most important change is that, FINALLY, you stop being so critical. Even when you discover your partner’s flaws, you don’t feel a constant need to correct them.

In general, Virgo, you usually feel the need to help the other person, to try to correct what they do wrong and to remind them of everything they do wrong. But when you fall in love, it is not like that. What you feel is acceptance and pure love. When you feel such a deep connection with someone, that’s when you really start to learn to accept people for who they are. And this not only happens to you with your partner, but you begin to be more tolerant with everyone.

You were afraid of change, Virgo, but in the end this change is making you the best version of yourself. You were afraid of falling in love, but in the end you will win ...

It is very difficult to get emotionally close to you. You have a very rich inner life, but you want to protect it in any way and that makes you seem shy. But when you connect with someone on a deep level, you take off that shell that covers your heart. You let the walls fall down and little by little you become less reluctant to share your secrets and expose your darker side.

You are a person who is very concerned about doing things well. You always carry a lot of pressure on your shoulders, Virgo, and that makes you tense all the time.
You have a very hard time relaxing and even finding time to spend with yourself. When you are in love, everything changes, because you feel that you have found a person with whom you can feel comfortable and for a moment, you begin to feel much more relaxed and you also feel that your partner can calm all those worries that arise in your head. . True love, Virgo, is the one that makes you change and forces you to leave behind all the bad that haunts you over and over again.

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