How Does The Alignment Of The Planets Affect Us?

How Does The Alignment Of The Planets Affect Us?

Do you know what a planetary alignment is? Or the best known “stellium”? What is it? How does it influence you? Find out now in the astrology reporter!

What is planetary alignment?

The stars are constantly in motion, and with that, they pass through all signs, each at their respective speed. When planetary alignment, or stellium, occurs, three or more planets align or approach a distance of up to 30º from the first to the last, which is a relatively rare thing, considering that each star has a different speed and position in the sky.

How it influences you?

When the alignment happens, it usually lasts a maximum of one month. Its main objective is on one or more planets to reinforce the action. If one world positively influences its productivity, like Capricorn, the other planet can benefit from this relationship even more. Unless it is an evil planet, and if it is, it can reinforce the negative energy (if it is also harmful), or it can neutralize the energy of a beneficial one.

How to interpret this event on the birth chart?

Each star is like a character inside our mind, and this emotion is filled with the characteristics of the zodiac signs. If we have a lot of the same planet, it is as if we have an army of the same feature, and with that, we can feel both empowered and confused and stagnant due to the same large amount of energy going to the same channel.

The spiritual purpose

The alignment in the birth chart serves to make us more aware of our qualities and defects and find ways to improve. When the stellium happens in a broader scenario - this being a phase of the world scenario, a social wave, or a collective state of consciousness - this is an opportunity for us to pay more attention to what is happening around us and to find a way to follow the flow of what a particular sign is proposing for the whole, and of course: always in a positive way.

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