How does scorpio act when they fall in love?


When you fall in love, Scorpio, your whole world changes. Even if you deny it, even if you say that you are true to yourself and your essence throughout your life, at the moment when you least expect it, you will fall in love and everything will change. You are always in a constant fight so that people do not know your most vulnerable side, even when someone starts to like you, Scorpio, you obsess over continuing to look like someone strong. And besides, you have a hard time trusting others, whoever that person is. In fact, most of your past relationships ended badly for this very reason, because of your lack of trust. But it’s amazing how much you can change when you fall in love with the right person.

When you fall in love, you start to feel much more comfortable with your most vulnerable and sensitive side. You stop making excuses to yourself and start being much more honest with yourself and your feelings. And yes, you even begin to consider letting that person enter your heart. You know that you are truly in love when you fully trust that person.

It is not easy to get to know you at all, Scorpio, because you are very reserved and if there is no trust, you are not usually a very talkative person.
You are pure mystery, but love makes you open up and let your wonderful interior come to light. When you fall in love, you stop closing yourself off and you stop protecting your heart so much.

Even change can become so strong for you, Scorpio, that you try to learn to control your most spiteful and vindictive side. When love comes into your life, you don’t feel the need to have to punish people who hurt you. Of course, something that you will not change for anything in the world, it will be your character, no matter how much you are in love and that your whole world is made of roses. But instead of being so aggressive, you learn to fix everything through words and conversation.

You learn to stop demanding so much from others and from yourself. And above all, Scorpio, you change because you stop being afraid to bring your sensitivity to light. You are a water sign and you are much more sensitive than others imagine. What happens is that you usually obsess about hiding that side of you, because you don’t want to be seen as someone weak. But when you find that person with whom you can be yourself, you stop caring so much what others think of you. At that moment, your highest priority is to love and be loved.

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