How does scorpio act in a long distance relationship?


A long distance relationship for Scorpios is the worst of their nightmares. This sign is known for its famous mistrust and famous jealousy. Scorpio is someone who tends to distrust others and lets jealousy always bring out the worst in himself. If you are already very suspicious of your partner, when you are in a long distance relationship, much more. In such a relationship, you will start to lack confidence and it will make everything go to shit. You will begin to distrust the words of your partner, of absolutely EVERYTHING.

In addition, Scorpios like to feel that they are in control of everything and when there is a gap in between, this becomes more difficult. When there is distance, Scorpios lose the control they have over their partner. When your partner suddenly does not respond to your messages or calls, Scorpios are able to go into a rage and begin to imagine the worst possible scenarios. The intensity of the scorpion also makes everything uphill and it is much more difficult for your partner to cope with a relationship of this type.

Scorpio is a very passionate sign and needs physical contact, I need frequent encounters with his partner because if he does not feel that things are not working. But not everything is bad ... There is also the possibility that Scorpio will make the best of his efforts and try to survive that relationship. And that happens when you invest all your intensity in getting things afloat and in loving despite the distance.

You will have to do a great job with your distrust, but if Scorpio senses that there is a future, he will put the best in that relationship. Of course, so that you do not despair too much, it is best to set a date to meet again, because if not, Scorpio can die of despair ...

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