How does sagittarius act when they fall in love?


You are the most independent and free sign of the Zodiac. Falling in love is not part of your future plans, Sagittarius. You have the need to travel the rest of the world, to experience any type of adventure and to meet a thousand people. For you, the idea of committing and being tied in a relationship is something that puts you back. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed or pressured to do things that don’t suit you. You are more to value freedom and do what you want, so you think that committing yourself can make you lose all that freedom that you had until now.

You may be one of the signs that change the least when he falls in love. Because if there is something that you are clear about, it is that you will continue to be true to your essence, both single and with a partner.

But, Sagittarius, when you find the perfect person, someone who is open like you and who wants to explore the world, you really have no problem changing or giving up certain things that you have always been attached to.

When you fall in love with someone for real, Sagittarius, you stop feeling so restless and stressed about everything. Many things are no longer important and you take life much calmer and much more optimistic.
Your love of traveling and not stopping is still in your heart, but when you fall in love, you don’t mind stopping and having nothing to do.

You are a person who loses interest very quickly. If someone is not able to give you what you need when you need it, you get bored and leave. But if that person knows how to keep up with you and best of all, knows how to stimulate you, nothing can go wrong.

You do not know what it is to be sensitive, Sagittarius, much less you do not know how to be sensitive to others. If you have to say something, you say it and that’s it. You are not foolish when it comes to telling the truth. And you don’t realize that there are times when you’re so blunt that it hurts, Sagittarius. But for love, you are able to change this. When you fall in love, Sagittarius, you begin to have more consideration for the feelings of others, in this case, the feelings of your partner in question. Incredible, Sagittarius, but you can even become a little more patient. After all, all you want is to live life carefree and without unnecessary drama.

And be careful, because, believe it or not, when you fall in love you can come back a little jealous. Just a little, because you want to protect what you have worked so hard to achieve.

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