How does libra act when they fall in love?


Look, Libra, you are a sign who loves love. Although sometimes you do not recognize it, you are one of those who falls in love too quickly and you are one of those who believes that people enter your life for a reason and for a reason. But it is true that, although you fall in love very quickly, you are constantly looking for balance and you are very careful when choosing the person who is going to enter your heart. You may like someone and that catches your attention, but until you know what that person really is like, you don’t let your feelings get worse. And when you find someone with whom you are compatible and with whom you can maintain that mental harmony, that is when you really feel that you can REALLY fall in love.

You are a super peaceful person, you always flee from those environments that smell of drama and conflict. And when you’re in a relationship, you usually keep your feelings and thoughts on the sidelines because you want to avoid creating more drama or your partner not being comfortable with it. You do everything in order to keep the peace and also to avoid losing your partner. But when you find true love, the one that makes you lose your way, you learn to carefully expose your true feelings. And this time you go much further.

You change a lot, Libra, because you stop being a person who only seeks to please. You finally feel free to say what you want to say, to be honest and you don’t mind having a different opinion without fear that it will change how your partner feels about you.

When you find that person with whom you connect 100%, you put your famous shyness aside and finally feel comfortable with yourself.
It is in that moment that you bring out your true self, that part of you, Libra, that is hidden by fear of what they will say. When you fall in love, you let the romance take over.

You stop paying so much attention to the superficial, to beauty as such and now you go much further. You are not so concerned about the image that others have of you, the only thing that matters to you is to be happy and that your partner is happy with you. Your insecurities in front of the rest of the world disappear and you finally feel that you can be completely free.

When you fall in love, Libra, you bring out your pure essence and that is the best change you could make.

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