How does leo act when they fall in love?


It is possible, Leo, that you are crazy about love and romantic about life, but the reality is that sometimes love itself scares you because it makes you much more vulnerable. You always want to convey that image of security, strength, trust and the truth is that when you show your romanticism, all of that goes to shit. For this reason, normally, you prefer to stay on the sidelines and unless you do not feel something strong for someone, you do not usually show your emotions. But once you find that person, you will want to show all your love to the world as if there is no tomorrow. When you are single, Leo, you are more reserved, but when you start to feel something for someone, your whole life becomes the most romantic movie in Hollywood.

When you are in love, you no longer care what other people think of you. You don’t care if they think you are vulnerable or that you are a romantic of life. Even, Leo, when you fall in love, the attention you receive from others ceases to be important and the attention you receive from that person in particular becomes important only and exclusively. It is the only attention you need.

You are the lion of the jungle, you are a true ferocious animal capable of stepping on anyone and roaring when people ignore you.
But when you fall in love, you get hooked on that person. You are still the lion, but now bring out the familiar lion, a lion that depends a lot on how you feel about another person.

When you fall in love, Leo, you stop being so stubborn, but only and exclusively because you want your partner to be happy. You do not want to be an impediment or another weight with which he has to carry. His happiness begins to take precedence over yours. This is very important, Leo, because when you fall in love you stop putting yourself first. That position is now occupied by the person who has stolen your heart. And for this very reason, Leo, you learn not to take things so seriously and to let someone else have control.

It takes a lot for you to recognize your mistakes and you don’t like being seen to fail. You’re stubborn, Leo, admit it, nothing happens. You are so sure of yourself and your decisions that when you make a mistake you think you will look ridiculous if you admit that you are not right. When you fall in love, all this changes, and little by little you become more comfortable with your insecurities. When you feel that another person loves you for being the way you are, you begin to accept your shortcomings as well. You no longer feel like there is a need to hide them and try to be perfect 24/7.

When that special person enters your heart, Leo, you start to let someone else shine for once and finally it stops important that they take your attention away.

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