How does leo act in a long distance relationship?


For Leo, long distance relationships are something that will cost him a lot to cope with. For starters, lack of affection for Leo can be a big problem. It is a fire sign with a lot of passion and a lot of energy in its body. All the relationships you get into are very physical relationships. Leo is very ‘if I don’t see it, I don’t think so’. And just the same thing happens with this type of relationship. It is not that you do not trust or trust your partner, it is that you simply need to feel the warmth that your arms give you, you need to have someone to hug, to kiss, someone to vent to when your whole world is going to bed. shit.

But it is that, the worst of all is not this ... The worst is that in a long distance relationship the characteristic drama of Leo becomes much greater. When there is distance involved, everything intensifies and this for him / her can be much more difficult. If you are maintaining a long distance relationship with Leo, it is important that you stay firm and bear in mind that it is much more exaggerated than it seems. Playing the victim and magnifying your feelings is something that Leo loves and will use frequently in these types of relationships.

But this all depends on your true feelings. If Leo is truly in love, if everything he feels is real, he will have no problem committing himself and maintaining a long distance relationship. There are no miles that destroy everything a Leo is capable of feeling for someone. For all this to happen, you have to be VERY in love because if not, you will not be able to risk your heart. And you have to remember, that he also has a slightly jealous and controlling part that in a long distance relationship can become an inconvenience. But if Leo really feels, if he loves you to the fullest, the kilometers will not be an excuse for it.

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