How does gemini act when they fall in love?


Face it, Gemini, you are one of the signs who likes to flirt the most. You are always here and there because you get bored and lose interest very easily. Monotony bores you, Gemini, what you like is variety, change. Your changing nature makes love not easy for you, but it is true that you are a person who adapts very easily. Once you meet someone who turns your whole life upside down, someone who is your soulmate, you stop running from love.

When you find someone who is compatible with all of your personalities, you stop flirting with everyone and focus 100% on that person. You are no longer talking to just anyone and you even start to uninstall all those applications that you have to meet people. You no longer go out to party and your only mission is to meet someone to spend the night with. Your friends even stop listening to your thousand and one stories about your love affairs. Now they only hear you say how much you like that person and how in love you are.

When you truly fall in love, you only think of one person. And it is that person who has captured your attention, has held it and you will not get it back anytime soon.
You realize that you have changed because you don’t get bored so easily. You begin to appreciate to the maximum any moment you spend with that person, even those moments when you do nothing or those moments when nothing exciting happens in your lives. Because when you fall in love, everything is exciting even the silence. You have so much connection with your partner that you don’t have time to get bored.

Your soulmate, Gemini, the person who enters your heart to stay will make your restless and adventurous spirit happier than ever and feel at home. Falling in love for real makes your soul feel like it can settle for once. When you fall in love, Gemini, you stop wanting to go further, to be in a hurry and for a moment you stop to enjoy the present. When you fall in love, you finally feel comfortable with someone who is not yourself. And yes, Gemini, when a person enters your heart, you don’t mind spending a Saturday night at home, as long as you are with them. If that is not change, may God come and see it ...

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