How does each zodiac sign fit you?


Some signs are more direct when it comes to wanting something with you and yet there are others who prefer to go slowly, calmly. In addition, that, no matter how much they want, it does not come out. Some are brash and others too detached. Some can make you feel a bit cornered and uncomfortable and others, however, can make you feel unnecessary.


Virgo will enter you using his grace, his elegance, his words and that body language with which he knows how to express almost everything. They know how to look at you, how to pose, how to do that hip twist while you watch. Virgo will touch your hand or your thigh while making him laugh. They want to get closer, but they always mark it. They may not talk about how they feel very often, but they will let their actions speak for them.


Scorpio will not enter you being very aggressive, if he wants to have something with you, he will insist and throw hints at you that many become direct but in a way in which you will not feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, he has a kind of disturbing magnetism… He won’t reveal everything about his life on the first date because he likes mystery. In addition, it will give you one of lime and another of sand. He creates a kind of need for you and then makes you see that he can live without you too and that nothing happens. Has a knack for keeping people interested in her / him. And there are many of you who are interested in Scorpio. There is something about them that attracts too much attention.


When Aries wants something, they go after it without a second thought. Anyone knows that. And it will be very, very direct. From that first conversation, you will create a climate of intense sexual tension. Aries is super bold, and they won’t be afraid to ask you out for lunch or dinner. What’s more, it is a sign that he will probably also jump into giving you the first kiss if he really feels like it. He knows how to heat environments, in any sense, and he knows how to attract you to himself ... When you try Aries, it is difficult to forget you.


Taurus will enter you slowly, first he will want you to be his friend, to see in him / her all his qualities for real and then to really decide. Taurus needs to show himself as he is because he knows his possibilities, he knows them perfectly and when that person is able to see them, he falls in love for sure. The problem is that not everyone has that patience. And that frustrates Taurus. For something sporadic, he may not need to show himself as and as he is, but for something serious, he needs you to understand.


Capri will enter you through messages and words. Thus, face to face costs a little more. And especially at the beginning. If someone really likes him and wants to have a future, he takes things differently. Looking into your eyes and saying what you feel in the moment can seem a bit complicated. He is very intelligent and will know how to conquer you but sometimes, it takes him a little longer. You will be surprised with everything it has inside to give.


Leo loves to flirt and will enter you with that look he has and with all those flowing conversations about absolutely everything. Leo can become a bit dramatic if he sees that the other person does not respond in the same way. And if he feels like you’re not paying too much attention to him, he may get pissed off. They have been very bad at flirting for a week and that suddenly you can disappear, or that you start to take an interest in other people. And get ready to listen to him, because he is not going to shut up and let it go.


Sagi is one of those people who is there but behaves like he doesn’t really care. When he enters you, he does it in a very friendly way. Sometimes you don’t know if he’s talking to you like he’s a friend or he’s trying to flirt. And that can be very confusing. Sometimes he leaves unanswered messages by pretending to be too busy. You think that if it is on top all the time it may seem too sticky.


Cancer is shy and somehow has to feel that you send him some signal (no matter how small) so that he can take the first step. He will give you intense glances that obviously make you understand that he wants something but it is rare that he does anything else. If you are the one who approaches, it will begin to loosen up and feel like it can enter your territory. And there, get ready to feel special.


Aquarius has a lot of emotions inside his body. When someone likes it, it is too much, they like it very much. They are completely in love with that person and have a hard time talking about it with them. Aquarius idealizes, they treat their lovers as gods, as if they were the most special people on earth. Sometimes they can become obsessed. Aquarius will enter you pretending that they are not interested too much, not because they do it on purpose but because they are so nervous that they do not want anything to be noticed.


Gemini is a person who tries too hard. Sometimes it takes so long that the other person can become too overwhelmed. Gemini’s need to convey everything but that is often unhealthy. Sometimes the other person may even feel a little “overwhelmed” with such insistent displays of affection and affection. But Gemini cannot shut up, they cannot allow you not to know what they feel.


Pisces rambles too much. It will enter you in a very subtle and very soft way, as if it is not really even interested in you. It will be romantic and will seek to connect with you through imagination, hobbies and things you have in common. Sometimes they can say things that they don’t quite feel just to see which foot you are limping on and if you are on their same frequency even though it is not what they feel deep down. They can be a little “clumsy” when it comes to entering your life.


Libra overthinks everything, plans what to say and what to do before approaching what is going to that person. They mount the romantic movie in their head and you can’t get them out of there. They will project everything on their imaginary stage but it is possible that later they will do the opposite because obviously, things do not always go as one has them in their mind. That is, many times, everything they were going to do is completely postponed because they are afraid of looking foolish. Until they discover that the other person doesn’t feel the same way, they don’t really jump in. Let’s have a mess ...

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