How does capricorn act when they fall in love?


You are a person with such clear values and ideas, Capricorn, that it is very difficult for you to change when starting a relationship. You would rather stay single than have to change to like you or to have to share your time with someone. When it comes to love or feelings, Capricorn, you are a person who is always very careful. You are not someone who lets love pass, just like that into his life. But when you find the right love, that person who makes you truly feel, you learn to be in love and to let the walls that protect your heart break down.

When you fall in love, Capricorn, change your philosophy of life and, above all, change your mood. You know that your heart feels something because you start to stop expecting the worst in the world and little by little you feel how positive energy floods your life. Face it, you are a little pessimistic and always expect the worst of everything that comes into your life. But love makes these feelings go away. And yes, love gives you hope and makes you care less about everything.

Normally you are always nervous, stressed, anxious about everything you have to do, but when you are in love, you feel comfortable with your life and with everything around you.
You stop worrying about doing the wrong thing or ruining things and you start worrying about living in the moment and enjoying what you have.

In your day-to-day life, you rarely get emotionally involved and that is why most people who know you consider you a cold and quite distant person. You are one more person of words that affect you. It’s rare to see yourself being loving or romantic with people you don’t really trust. But once your heart melts, you are not so reluctant to show your love to your partner. Be careful, it is not that now you become the most cloying person in the world, but little by little, you stop being afraid to say ‘I love you’ or to hold your partner by the hand.

You are a very responsible person, who likes to dedicate his time to his work and to all his obligations.
When you find the right person, when you are truly in love, Capricorn, your mindset changes and you spend more time with your partner than everything else. For you, time is something super valuable. And spending time with your partner is a way of showing how much you feel for her. When you fall in love, Capricorn, you are happy because you learn to reduce the time you spend at work and to spend quality time with that person that matters so much to you. When love comes into your life, you stop worrying so much about things that don’t really matter that much and you become a much more cheerful and optimistic person.

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